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love englannista suomeksi

  1. rakastaa

  2. lempi

  3. pitää kovasti, pitää paljon, pitää, tehdä mielellään

  4. rakkaus

  5. mennä sänkyyn jnk kanssa, rakastella jnk kanssa

  6. rakas

  7. nolla

  1. nolla

  2. Substantiivi

  3. Verbi

love englanniksi

  1. Strong affection.

  2. A profound and caring affection towards someone.

  3. (ux)

  4. 1674, (w), ''(w)'':

  5. He on his side / Leaning half-raised, with looks of cordial love / Hung over her enamoured.
  6. 2014, S. Hidden, ''Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Mystical Perspectives on the Love of God'' ((ISBN))

  7. Affectionate, benevolent concern or care for other people or beings, and for their well-being.

  8. 1864, ''Utilitarianism Explained and Exemplified in Moral and Political Government'':

  9. The love of your neighbor as yourself, is expressly given as the definition and test of Charity,—not alms-giving—and this love is ... the highest of all the Divine commands.
  10. A feeling of intense attraction towards someone.

  11. (quote-book)| title=(w)|chapter=8| passage=The humor of my proposition appealed more strongly to Miss Trevor than I had looked for, and from that time forward she became her old self again; for, even after she had conquered her love for the Celebrity, the mortification of having been jilted by him remained.

  12. A deep or abiding liking for something; an enthusiasm for something.

  13. 2012, Philip Auerswald, ''The Coming Prosperity'' ((ISBN)):

  14. For three decades, the average number of miles driven by US motorists increased steadily. Then, in 2007, that steady climb was suddenly halted. ... What magic caused Americans to temper their longstanding love of the open road?
  15. A person who is the object of romantic feelings; a darling, a sweetheart, a beloved.

  16. (RQ:Spenser Epithalamio)

  17. Open the temple gates unto my love.
  18. 1596-97, (w), ''Merchant of Venice|The Merchant of Venice'', Act III Scene 2

  19. O love, dispatch all business, and be gone!
  20. (quote-book)

  21. (non-gloss definition)

  22. A thing, activity{{, etc which is the object of one's deep liking or enthusiasm.

  23. 1997 March, "Faces of Today's Black Woman", in ''Ebony'', volume 52, number 5, page 96:

  24. But it wasn't until M. Claiborne went to ROTC training camp at the University of California at Berkeley that she discovered that flying was her first love. "Pilots talk about getting bit by the flying bug," she says. "I thought, This is heaven."
  25. Sexual desire; attachment based on sexual attraction.

  26. 2013, Ronald Long, ''Men, Homosexuality, and the Gods'', Routledge ((ISBN)), page 3:

  27. The prospect that their cherished Greeks would have countenanced, much less honored, a love between men that expressed itself carnally, however, was not so easily assimilated.
  28. Sexual activity.

  29. 1986, Ben Elton & al., ''(w)'', "(Blackadder)|Bells":

  30. —What think you, my lord, of... love?
    —You mean ‘rumpy-pumpy’.
  31. An instance or episode of being love; a affair.

  32. 2014, E. L. Todd, ''Then Came Absolution'' ((ISBN)):

  33. Maybe it was just a summer love, something with no future.
  34. (non-gloss definition)

  35. (alt case).

  36. (circa), Samuel Johnson (in ''The Works of Samuel Johnson''):

  37. At busy hearts in vain love's arrows fly; ...
  38. A thin silk material.

  39. 1664, (w), ''Experiments and Considerations Touching Colours,(..)''

  40. Such a kind of transparency, as that of a Sive, a piece of Cyprus, or a Love-Hood.
  41. A climbing plant, ''vitalba''.

  42. To have a strong affection for (someone or something).

  43. 1918, (w), Land That Time Forgot (novel)|The Land That Time Forgot Chapter VI

  44. I wanted to take her in my arms and tell her how I loved her, and had taken her hand from the rail and started to draw her toward me when Olson came blundering up on deck with his bedding.
  45. 2013 February 26, (w) and (w), ''(w)'':

  46. Just give me a reason, / just a little bit's enough, / just a second we're not broken, just bent / and we can learn to love again.
  47. To need, thrive on.

  48. To be strongly inclined towards something; an emphatic form of ''like''.

  49. To care deeply about, to be dedicated to (someone or something).

  50. John 3:16

  51. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
  52. Matthe 22:37-38

  53. You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart, and your whole mind, and your whole soul; you shall love your neighbor as yourself.
  54. (quote-journal)

  55. To derive delight from a fact or situation.

  56. To have sex with (perhaps from (m)).

  57. To praise; commend.

  58. To praise as of value; prize; set a price on.

  59. Zero, no score.

  60. ''So that’s fifteen-love to Kournikova.''

  61. 2013, (w), ''Game Changer: My Tennis Life''

  62. The next day Agassi|Agassi came back from two sets to love down to beat Courier in five sets.
  63. money

  64. (inflection of)

  65. trust, faith

  66. only in the phrase (l)

  67. to promise

  68. to praise

  69. (nl-verb form of)

  70. she-wolf

  71. to praise

  72. ten

  73. love

  74. (''as an adjective'') ''det lovede land - the Promised Land''

  75. (alternative form of)

  76. (monikko) rom|lovo

  77. money