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restrain englannista suomeksi

  1. hillitä

  2. estää

  3. pidätellä

  4. pitää paikoillaan

  1. hillitä, hallita

  2. kukistaa

  3. pidättää, rajoittaa

restrain englanniksi

  1. To control or keep in check.

  2. 1875, Russell Thacher Trall, ''The Mother's Hygienic Hand-book'' (page 42)

  3. As with vicarious mismenstruation, the abnormal cessation only requires strict attention to the general health, with such measures to restrain hemorrhage as have already been indicated.
  4. To deprive of liberty.

  5. To restrict or limit.

  6. ''He was restrained by the straitjacket.''

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  8. To strain again.

  9. 1998, Elena Molokhovets, ''Classic Russian Cooking'' (page 360)

  10. Squeeze the juice from 3 oranges and let the juice stand. Then pour it off, strain, and mix with the syrup. Restrain the liquid and chill in a mold.