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overwhelm englannista suomeksi

  1. hukuttaa

  2. haudata alleen

  3. musertaa, murskata

  4. vallata

  1. Verbi

  2. hukuttaa

  3. murskata

  4. hukuttaa alleen">hukuttaa alleen, vallata, häkellyttää, musertaa

  5. Substantiivi

overwhelm englanniksi

  1. To engulf, surge over and submerge.

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  3. To overpower, crush.

  4. ''In December 1939 the Soviet Union attacked Finland with overwhelming force.''

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  6. The sea overwhelmed their enemies.
  7. To overpower emotionally.

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  9. To cause to surround, to cover.

  10. 1684, Denis Papin, ''Instrument to make turpentine penetrate plaster and wood using the airpump''

  11. I lay Turpentine all over the same: then I overwhelm a broader pipe about the first
  12. The state or condition of being overwhelmed.

  13. (quote-book) An overwhelm means you've not only succeeded, but you've done something better than the average success would be.

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