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weight englannista suomeksi

  1. paino, puntti

  2. painottaa

  3. painokerroin, painoarvo

  4. taakka

  5. painojärjestelmä

  6. laittaa painoksi

  1. Substantiivi

  2. paino

  3. punnus

  4. painoarvo, merkitys

  5. painokerroin, paino, painotuskerroin, painotus

  6. paksuus

  7. peitto, peittävyys

  8. Verbi

  9. lisätä painoa">lisätä painoa

  10. kuormittaa, raskauttaa

  11. painottaa

  12. lisätä paino">lisätä paino

weight englanniksi

  1. The force an object exerts on the object it is on due to gravitation.

  2. An object used to make something heavier.

  3. A standardized block of metal used in a balance to measure the mass of another object.

  4. Importance or influence.

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  7. Another knight came to settle on the island, a man of much weight and position, on whom the Adelantados of all the island relied, and who was made a magistrate.
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  9. An object, such as a plate or barbell, used for training.

  10. (ux)

  11. Viscosity rating.

  12. (senseid) Mass (weight, weight, etc.) (qualifier)

  13. (synonym of) (qualifier)

  14. Mass (weight, weight, weight, etc.).

  15. A variable which multiplies a value for ease of statistical manipulation.

  16. The smallest cardinality of a base.

  17. The boldness of a font; the relative thickness of its strokes.

  18. (coi)

  19. The relative thickness of a drawn rule or painted brushstroke, weight.

  20. The illusion of mass.

  21. The thickness and opacity of paint.

  22. Pressure; burden.

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  25. The resistance against which a machine acts, as opposed to the power which moves it.

  26. Shipments of (often illegal) drugs.

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  28. One pound of drugs, especially cannabis.

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  31. Money.

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  33. class|Weight class

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  35. Emphasis applied to a given criterion.

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  37. To add weight to something; to make something heavier.

  38. To load (fabrics) with barite, etc. to increase the weight.

  39. To load, burden or oppress someone.

  40. To assign weights to individual statistics.

  41. To bias something; to slant.

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  43. To handicap a horse with a specified weight.

  44. To give a certain amount of force to a throw, kick, hit, etc.