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slant englannista suomeksi

  1. esittää tietyssä valossa, värittää

  2. näkökulma, asenne

  3. kallistua, viettää

  4. kallistaa

  5. kallistus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. rinne

  3. kalteva pinta">kalteva pinta surface; vinoviiva line, kaltevuus, vietto

  4. vinotunneli

  5. vinottainen liike">vinottainen liike

  6. kalteva pinta">kalteva pinta, kalteva alusta">kalteva alusta

  7. teline

  8. kalteva lokero">kalteva lokero

  9. vinoilu

  10. sauma

  11. d

  12. näkökulma, asenne, tulokulma, tendenssi

  13. silmäys

  14. vinosilmä

  15. Verbi

  16. viettää

  17. painottaa, suunnata

slant englanniksi

  1. A slope; an incline, inclination.

  2. (ux)

  3. A sloped surface or line.

  4. A run: a heading driven diagonally between the dip and strike of a coal seam.

  5. (synonym of) (nowrap), ''particularly'' in its use to off pronunciations from other text.

  6. (quote-book), (smallcaps), (smallcaps), and (smallcaps). Examination of typing instruction manuals discloses additional names such as (smallcaps) and (smallcaps), and other sources provide the designation (smallcaps).

  7. An oblique movement or course.

  8. A sloping surface in a medium.

  9. A pan with a sloped bottom used for holding paintbrushes.

  10. A depression on a palette with a sloping bottom for holding and mixing watercolours.

  11. A palette or similar container with slants or sloping depressions.

  12. A sarcastic remark; shade, an indirect mocking insult.

  13. An opportunity, ''particularly'' to go somewhere.

  14. A crime committed for the purpose of being apprehended and transported to a major settlement.

  15. A of view, an angle.

  16. (syn)

  17. A look, a glance.

  18. (quote-journal)|date=11 March 1916|title=His Folks|author=Charles E. Van Loan

  19. (quote-journal)

  20. A person with slanting eyes, ''particularly'' an Asian.

  21. To lean, tilt or incline.

  22. ''If you slant the track a little more, the marble will roll down it faster.''

  23. 1753, (w), ''Agriculture''

  24. On the side of yonder slanting hill
  25. To bias or skew.

  26. ''The group tends to slant its policies in favor of the big businesses it serves.''

  27. To lie or exaggerate.

  28. Sloping; oblique; slanted.

  29. 1797, (w), “The Destiny of Nations”

  30. The Laplander beholds the far-off SunDart his slant beam on unobeying snows, (..)
  31. (RQ:Landon Francesca Carrara)

  32. 2015, Michael Z. Williamson, ''A Long Time Until Now''

  33. By the eighth day, Alexander and Caswell had lashed together a hut with a slant roof (..)
  34. coin

  35. (sv-verb-form-past)