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fine englannista suomeksi

  1. hyvin, hienosti

  2. hienon hieno

  3. hieno, hienojakoinen

  4. sakottaa

  5. mainio

  6. sakko

  7. ohut, pieni

  8. puhdas

  9. hyvä

  1. hieno

  2. hieno, hyvä

  3. kirkas, hyvä

  4. oivallinen

  5. kaunis

  6. hieno, ohut

  7. hyvä on

  8. kirkastaa, jalostaa, puhdistaa, hienontaa

  9. kirkastua, hienostua, puhdistua, jalostua, hienontua

  10. kirkastaa

  11. sakko

  12. sakottaa

  13. Verbi

  14. Substantiivi

fine englanniksi

  1. (non-gloss definition)

  2. Of superior quality.

  3. (ux)

  4. (RQ:Hough Purchase Price)

  5. "A fine man, that Dunwody, yonder," commented the young captain, as they parted, and as he turned to his prisoner. "We'll see him on in Washington some day. He is strengthening his forces now against Mr. Benton out there.(nb..)."


  6. Impressively bad, inappropriate, or unsatisfactory.

  7. (quote-song)

  8. Being acceptable, adequate, passable, or satisfactory.

  9. (quote-web)

  10. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)

  11. Good-looking, attractive.

  12. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp)

  13. Subtle, delicately balanced or discriminated.

  14. {{quote-journal|1=en|year=2018|author=James Lambert|title=A multitude of ‘lishes’: The nomenclature of hybridity|journal=English World-Wide|page=7|url=

  15. Showy; overdecorated.

  16. 1853, (w), Preface to ''The Poems of Matthew Arnold''

  17. They will permit the poet to select any action he pleases, and to suffer that action to go as it will, provided he gratifies them with occasional bursts of fine writing
  18. Delicate; subtle; exquisite; artful; dexterous.

  19. (RQ:Shakespeare All's Well)

  20. (RQ:Pope Essay on Man)

  21. c. 1692, (w), ''Discourse on Satire''

  22. The nicest and most delicate touches of satire consist in fine raillery.
  23. 1728, (w), ''The Beggar's Opera''

  24. He has as fine a hand at picking a pocket as a woman.
  25. (n-g)

  26. Of a particular grade of quality, usually between ''very good'' and ''very fine'', and below ''mint''.

  27. Sunny and not raining.

  28. Consisting of especially minute particulates; made up of particularly small pieces.

  29. (RQ:King James Version)

  30. (ant)

  31. Particularly slender; especially thin, narrow, or of small girth.

  32. Made of slender or thin filaments.

  33. Having a (specified) proportion of pure metal in its composition.

  34. Behind the batsman and at a small angle to the line between the wickets.

  35. (ux)to nudge it through the covers (or tickle it down to fine leg) for a four(nb..)

  36. Subtle; thin; tenuous.

  37. (RQ:Bacon Sylva Sylvarum)

  38. Well, nicely, in a positive, agreeable way.

  39. (n-g)

  40. Finely; elegantly; delicately.

  41. In a manner so that the driven ball strikes the object ball so far to one side as to be barely deflected, the object ball being driven to one side.

  42. champagne|Fine champagne; French brandy.

  43. 1926, Ernest Hemingway, ''The Sun Also Rises'', Scribner 2003, page 14:

  44. We had dined at l'Avenue's, and afterward went to the Café de Versailles for coffee. We had several ''fines'' after the coffee, and I said I must be going.
  45. 1936, Djuna Barnes, ''Nightwood'', Faber & Faber 2007, page 18:

  46. He refilled his glass. ‘The ''fine'' is very good,’ he said.
  47. Something that is fine; fine particles.

  48. ''They filtered silt and fines out of the soil.''

  49. To make finer, purer, or cleaner; to purify or clarify.

  50. ''to fine gold''

  51. 1666 (written), 1681 (published), (w), ''A Dialogue between a Philosopher and a Student of the Common Laws of England''

  52. It hath been fined and refined by (..) learned men.
  53. To become finer, purer, or cleaner.

  54. To make finer, or less coarse, as in bulk, texture, etc.

  55. 1913, Liberty Hyde Bailey, ''The Practical Garden Book''

  56. The tools to be used for this surface tillage are those that comminute or fine the soil most completely without compacting it or leaving it in ridges or in furrows
  57. To change by fine gradations.

  58. ''to fine down a ship's lines, i.e. to diminish her lines gradually''

  59. (RQ:Browning Aurora Leigh)

  60. To clarify (wine and beer) by filtration.

  61. To become gradually fine; to diminish; to dwindle (with ''away'', ''down'', or ''off'').

  62. 1882, (w), ''My Watch Below''

  63. I watched her ship (..) gradually fining down in the westward until I lost sight of her hull.
  64. (senseid) A fee levied as punishment for breaking the law.

  65. ''The fine for jay-walking has gone from two dollars to thirty in the last fifteen years.''

  66. {{quote-book|en|year=2006|author=Black|Edwin Black

  67. A drink that must be taken during a meal or as part of a game, following an announcement that anyone who has done some (usually outrageous) deed is to be fined; similar to have never; commonly associated with swaps; very similar to a sconce at (w), though a fine is the penalty itself rather than the act of issuing it.

  68. Fine if you've…

  69. (senseid) To issue a fine as punishment to (someone).

  70. To pay a fine.

  71. 1818, (w), ''View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages''

  72. Men fined for the king's good will; or that he would remit his anger; women fined for leave to marry.
  73. The end of a musical composition.

  74. The location in a musical score that indicates the end of the piece, particularly when the piece ends somewhere in the middle of the score due to a section of the music being repeated.

  75. To finish; to cease.

  76. To cause to cease; to stop.

  77. End; conclusion; termination; extinction.

  78. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)

  79. (RQ:Shakespeare Hamlet)

  80. A final agreement concerning lands or rents between persons, as the lord and his vassal.

  81. *(quote-book)|The Boke of Surveying and Improvements|passage=To cause them to pay more rent or a gretter fyne than they haue ben acustomed to do in tyme past.

  82. A sum of money or price paid for obtaining a benefit, favor, or privilege, as for admission to a copyhold, or for obtaining or renewing a lease.

  83. (inflection of)

  84. (da-e-form of)

  85. finally, last; at the end

  86. in the final analysis, when all's said and done

  87. (adj form of)

  88. space, non-breakable space

  89. a number of high grade French brandies (usually Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée|AOC certified)

  90. woman, female (q)

  91. (uxi)

  92. finally

  93. family group

  94. race

  95. territory of a family group

  96. thin

  97. fine

  98. refined

  99. end

  100. aim, purpose, end

  101. quiver

  102. sheath, scabbard

  103. vagina

  104. to find

  105. (definite singular of)

  106. family, kin, group of people of common descent

  107. clan, tribe, race

  108. (pt-verb form of)

  109. end

  110. (es-verb form of)

  111. (sv-adj-form-abs-def-m)

  112. to find

  113. to decide that, to form the opinion that