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squeeze englannista suomeksi

  1. tunkeutuminen, ahtautuminen

  2. ahtaa, työntää

  3. puristaa, kiristää

  4. valtapeli

  5. pusertaa

  6. puristella

  7. työntyä, tunkeutua

  8. rutistus

  9. tappio

  10. puristus

  11. runnoa, rutistaa

  12. painostaa

  13. luottokireys

  14. pano

  1. Verbi

  2. puristaa

  3. ahtaa

  4. puristaa, kaivaa

  5. ahdistaa

  6. Substantiivi

  7. puristus

  8. rypistys

squeeze englanniksi

  1. To apply pressure to from two or more sides at once.

  2. ''I squeezed the ball between my hands.''

    ''Please don't squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle.''

  3. 1922, (w), ''(w)'' Chapter 1:

  4. "Over there—by the rock," Steele muttered, with his brush between his teeth, squeezing out raw sienna, and keeping his eyes fixed on Betty Flanders's back.
  5. To embrace closely; to give a tight hug to.

  6. To fit into a tight place.

  7. ''I managed to squeeze the car into that parking space.''

    ''Can you squeeze through that gap?''

  8. {{quote-journal

  9. 1908, Grahame|Kenneth Grahame, ''Wind in the Willows|The Wind in the Willows'':

  10. Could he not squeeze under the seat of a carriage? He had seen this method adopted by schoolboys, when the journey- money provided by thoughtful parents had been diverted to other and better ends.
  11. To remove something with difficulty, or apparent difficulty.

  12. ''He squeezed some money out of his wallet.''

  13. To put in a difficult position by presenting two or more choices.

  14. ''I'm being squeezed between my job and my volunteer work.''

  15. 2013 May 23, Lyall|Sarah Lyall, "British Leader’s Liberal Turn Sets Off a Rebellion in His Party," ''New York Times'' (retrieved 29 May 2013):

  16. At a time when Mr. Cameron is being squeezed from both sides — from the right by members of his own party and by the anti-immigrant, anti-Europe U.K. Independence Party, and from the left by his Liberal Democrat coalition partners — the move seemed uncharacteristically clunky.
  17. To oppress with hardships, burdens, or taxes; to harass.

  18. (RQ:L'Estrange Fables)

  19. To attempt to score a runner from third by bunting.

  20. ''Jones squeezed in Smith with a perfect bunt.''

  21. A close or tight fit.

  22. A difficult position.

  23. (ux)

  24. A hug or other affectionate grasp.

  25. A romantic partner.

  26. (RQ:Gibson Neuromancer)

  27. 1988, James Ellroy, ''Dudley Smith Trio: The Big Nowhere, LA Confidential, White Jazz'', Random House ((ISBN)), page 459:

  28. He spent nights cruising queer bars near the pad, saw Wiltsie at the dives, but always in the company of his squeeze, a guy he called &39;Duane.&39;
  29. 2012, J. Lamar, ''Tip Tap Toe'', Xlibris Corporation ((ISBN)), page 141:

  30. His young squeeze had just backed out and had not seen the assault on her “ sugar daddy” when it happened!
  31. 2014, N. Lombardi Jr., ''Journey Towards a Falling Sun'', John Hunt Publishing ((ISBN))

  32. But even considering that, he might have been a bit more restrained if he hadn&39;t run into his former sexy squeeze, Penny Atieno.
  33. An illicit alcoholic drink made by squeezing Sterno through cheesecloth, etc., and mixing the result with juice.

  34. The act of bunting in an attempt to score a runner from third.

  35. A play that forces an opponent to discard a card that gives up one or more tricks.

  36. A traversal of a narrow passage.

  37. (quote-book)

  38. A moulding, cast or other impression of an object, chiefly a design, inscription etc., especially by pressing wet paper onto the surface and peeling off when dry.

  39. *1828, (w), ''Nollekens and His Times'', Century Hutchinson 1986, p. 65:

  40. Nollekens, finding his wife always benefited by these visits, never refused White a squeeze of a patera, or any thing that would answer his purpose; (..) White (..) had turned his wine-cellars into manufactories for the produce of cast coins, and moderns squeezes from Roman lamps.
  41. The gradual closing of workings by the weight of the overlying strata.

  42. The situation experienced by a middleman when pressured from both sides, especially financially.

  43. A bribe, fee, or extortionary price paid to a middleman, especially in China; the practice of requiring such a bribe or fee.

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