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juice englannista suomeksi

  1. neste, mehu

  2. sähkö, virta

  3. energia

  1. mehu

  2. mehu, tuoremehu

  3. virtaska

  4. menovesi

  5. mehustaa

  6. virkistää

  7. Substantiivi

juice englanniksi

  1. A (l) from a plant, especially fruit.

  2. 1837 April, J. M. (London), in "Miscellaneous Intelligence: Art. V. Queries and Answers", ''The Gardener's Magazine'', August edition, page 378.

  3. (quote) in the west of Pennsylvania and New York, with which our forests abound (Professor Kid, in his ''Bridgwater Treatise'', says they are “cultivated”!); and, as the peculiarities attending the flow of this juice have puzzled me to explain them, I have resolved to state them to you.
  4. 1940 November, Dwight M. DeLong, "Studies of Methods and Materials for the Control of the Leafhopper Empoasca fabae as a Bean Pest", ''Technical Bulletin'', No. 740, United States Department of Agriculture, page 26.

  5. (quote)



  6. A (l) made of juice.

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  9. Any liquid resembling juice.

  10. A drink.

  11. (top) Liquor.

  12. The liquid that is used to submerge a substance kept in a container

  13. The leftover liquid of some wet or damp substance.

  14. Vitality, strength.

  15. 1884 July, Alfales Young, "Letter from Salt Lake City", ''Wallace's Monthly'', Vol. X, No. 6, page 450.

  16. 2019, Timothy Andrews Sayle, Jeffrey A. Engel, Hal Brands, William Inboden (eds.), ''The Last Card: Inside George W. Bush's Decision to Surge in Iraq'', page 161.

  17. (top) Political power.

  18. 1998, ''The Hotline'', page 16.

  19. (quote) in terms of who's got the juice, who knows how to win elections, has clearly moved tonight ... from Capitol Hill, the Newt Gingrich crowd, to the governors' crowd" ("Hardball," CNBC. 11/3).
  20. Petrol; gasoline.

  21. 1973, Stephen Barlay, ''Double Cross: Encounters with Industrial Spies'', Hamish Hamilton (publ.), page 227.

  22. 2009, William J. Holstein, ''Why GM Matters: Inside the Race to Transform an American Icon'', Walker Books, page 137,

  23. (syn)

  24. (top) Electricity.

  25. (quote-text)|title="The Power Plant"|text=This is the shrine of the God That Works,Driving away the mists and murks,Turning the lightnings into use.This is the shrine of the mighty "Juice,"Flowing ever the long wires through,And making the dream, the Dream come true!|url=https://www.bertonbraley.com/id565.htm

  26. (quote-journal)

  27. Steroids.

  28. Semen.

  29. 1981, Susan Griffin, ''Pornography and Silence: Culture's Revenge Against Nature'', page 62, quoting Yvette Clemons, ''The Skin Flick Rapist''.

  30. 2005, Michael Thomas Ford, ''Tangled Sheets'', Kensington Books, page 242.

  31. The fluid|vaginal lubrication that a female naturally produces when sexually aroused.

  32. 1999, Tristan Taormino (ed.), ''Best Lesbian Erotica 1999'', Cleis Press, page 62.

  33. 2006, Donna Lea Simpson, ''Awaiting the Night'', page 247.

  34. The amount charged by a bookmaker for betting services.

  35. 1975, (w), ''Humboldt's Gift'' ed., 1976, p. 74:

  36. He was a sporting man, a gambler. He had to go into hiding at last, because the juice men were after him. I believe they had even broken his ankles.
  37. (top) Musical agreement between instrumentalists.

  38. To extract the juice from something.

  39. To energize or stimulate something.

  40. To take a performance-enhancing drug.

  41. 2012, Phil Denapoli, ''Preying on the Innocent'' (page 233)

  42. I followed the home run race between Sosa and McGuire, and any fool could see they were juicing.
  43. (alternative spelling of)'s (used in certain set phrases like harp)

  44. Juice.

  45. A container containing juice.

  46. (l)

  47. juice