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alter englannista suomeksi

  1. muuttaa, oikaista

  2. kuohita

  1. muuttaa

  2. Substantiivi

  3. Verbi

alter englanniksi

  1. To change the form or structure of.

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  5. To become different.

  6. To tailor clothes to make them fit.

  7. To castrate, neuter or spay (a dog or other animal).

  8. To affect mentally, as by psychotropic drugs or illness.

  9. 2016 February 10, Sydney Pruitt and Claire Ricke (quoting Jeff Barrick), "Police: Man lying in street hit, killed by Capital Metro bus", KXAN:

  10. We don't know if he was altered on alcohol or drugs or anything (..)
  11. An identity or headmate of a person with identity disorder (previously known as personality disorder). A member of a system.

  12. (misspelling of)

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  14. As an alter boy he remembered that walking between the alter and the gates was prohibited for everyone except the priest.
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  16. The hardest part of being an alter boy was learning Latin. The mass was conducted in Latin and we had to learn to pray in Latin.
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  18. On the alter, several candles sat unlit. An open bible rested among the candles. Behind the alter, hanging high, a huge cross was affixed to the wall, with a replica of Jesus in rags nailed to it. A simple wooden door stood closed behind the alter (..)
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  20. Truth motioned to Alexandra, “There; the key is kept on the alter.” She spotted it easily, for it was now well lighted by an amber colored presence light. She and the others moved quickly toward the alter.
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  22. Third-rate alter boy. Skinny, lousy face, brown hair with a cowlick as big as Sputtnik. So as not to go on about it, I can put it in one word: Butt-ugly.
  23. altar, a table or a platform for making sacrifices.

  24. altar, the ritual space of a Christian church.

  25. (de-adj form of)

  26. to (l), to tailor clothes to make them fit.

  27. the other, the second

  28. the one...the other (alter...alter)

  29. (Q)

  30. other

  31. an altar

  32. (inflection of)