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affection englannista suomeksi

  1. mieltymys, kiintymys

  1. Substantiivi

  2. vaikuttaminen, liikuttaminen, vahingoittaminen

  3. liikutus, vahingoittuneisuus

  4. ominaisuus

  5. tunne, tuntemus, mielenliikutus

  6. mieltymys, kiintymys

  7. affektio, tauti, vaiva

  8. Verbi

affection englanniksi

  1. The act of affecting or acting upon.

  2. The state of being affected, especially: a change in, or alteration of, the emotional state of a person or other animal, caused by a subjective affect (a subjective feeling or emotion), which arises in response to a stimulus which may result from either thought or perception.

  3. An attribute; a quality or property; a condition.

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  5. A Porism is a proposition in which it is proposed to demonstrate that some one thing, or more things than one, are given, to which, as also to each of innumerable other things, not given indeed, but which have the same relation to those which are given, it is to be shewn that there belongs some common affection described in the proposition.
  6. An emotion; a feeling or natural impulse acting upon and swaying the mind.

  7. (quote-journal)||volume=189|issue=11|page=26| magazine=(w)| title=Wings of Desire|passage=Our affections for wild animals are distributed very unevenly. Take insects.

  8. 1905, John C. Ager (translator), (w), ''Heaven and Hell'' Chapter 27

  9. It is known that each individual has a variety of affections, one affection when in joy, another when in grief, another when in sympathy and compassion, another when in sincerity and truth, another when in love and charity, another when in zeal or in anger, another when in simulation and deceit, another when in quest of honor and glory, and so on.
  10. A feeling of love or strong attachment.

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  14. What is more, they are protected from even such discomfort as the dislike of his prisoners may cause to a gaoler by the hypnotism of the convention that the natural relation between husband and wife and parent and child is one of intense affection, and that to feel any other sentiment towards a member of one's family is to be a monster.
  15. (quote-book)|section=Comic 806 - Terrible Excuse|sectionurl=|format=webcomic|text="Did you ever like me back, Ryan? All those years, I didn't know how to show my affection for you, so I wasn't sure if you weren't getting it or you just didn't care. But I need to know which it was."

  16. (quote-song), Sara Davis{{, and David Pittenger|authorlabel=no|title=(w)|album=A Study of the Human Experience Volume One|date=13 August 2021|artist=Gayle|url=|text=Dated a girl that I hate, for the attention / She only made it two days, what a connection / It's like you'd do anything, for my affection / You're going all about it in the worst ways

  17. A disease; a morbid symptom; a malady.

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  20. A heavy clay soil is bad for all neuralgics, and the house should be dry, and on a sandy or gravel soil. The desideratum for all neuralgic affections is perpetual summer (..)
  21. To feel affection for. (defdate)

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  23. Why, truth is truth, I do not think my lady Isabella ever much affectioned my young lord, your son: yet he was a sweet youth as one should see.
  24. affection, love, fondness

  25. medical condition, complaint, disease

  26. (l)