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feel englannista suomeksi

  1. tuntu

  2. tunnustella

  3. tuntea itsensä jksk

  4. tuntemus

  5. tunnelma

  6. kosketella

  7. tuntea

  8. tuntua

  9. kokea

  10. koskettelu

  11. tuntea olonsa jksk

  1. tuntea

  2. tuntua subject in the elative

  3. tunnustella

  4. tuntua

  5. myötätunto / tuntea myötätuntoa

  6. tuntuma

  7. kosketus

  8. aavistus

  9. Substantiivi

  10. Verbi

feel englanniksi

  1. ''To use or experience the sense of touch.''

  2. To become aware of through the skin; to use the sense of touch on.

  3. (ux)

  4. To find one's way (literally or figuratively) by touching or using cautious movements.

  5. To receive information by touch or by any neurons other than those responsible for sight, smell, taste, or hearing.

  6. To search by sense of touch.

  7. ''To sense or think emotionally or judgmentally.''

  8. To experience an emotion or other mental state about.

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  12. To think, believe, or have an impression concerning.

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  15. To experience an emotion or other mental state.

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  17. To sympathise; to have the sensibilities moved or affected.

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  20. To be or become aware of.

  21. To experience the consequences of.

  22. To seem (through touch or otherwise).

  23. (senseid) To understand.

  24. (quote-song)

  25. The sense of touch.

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  27. A perception experienced mainly or solely through the sense of touch.

  28. ''Bark has a rough feel.''

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  31. A vague mental impression.

  32. ''You should get a feel for the area before moving in.''

  33. {{quote-book

  34. An act of fondling.

  35. ''She gave me a quick feel to show that she loves me.''

  36. A vague understanding.

  37. ''I'm getting a feel for what you mean.''

  38. An intuitive ability.

  39. ''She has a feel for music.''

  40. A feeling; an emotion.

  41. ''I know that feel.''

  42. (alternative form of)

  43. emotional attraction or desire

  44. vibe; atmosphere

  45. to sense

  46. to experience or understand the mental state of others

  47. {{zh-x|我 f{}e{}e{}l{fiu1} 到{dou3-2} 佢 做嘢 好 畀心機。|I could tell that he has devoted a lot of effort into his work.|C

  48. (n-g); -like; sense of …

  49. (zh-q)
  50. (quote-web)

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  52. to (l)

  53. faithful

  54. faithful; loyal

  55. mallard