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believe englannista suomeksi

  1. olla uskossa

  2. uskoa jhk

  3. pitää

  4. pitää jtak totena

  5. uskoa

  1. Verbi

  2. uskoa

believe englanniksi

  1. To accept as true, particularly without absolute certainty (i.e., as opposed to knowing).

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  4. (quote-journal)|volume=53|page=601|publisher=D. Appleton & Company|url=|passage=Many persons believe that the so-called "dollar of the daddies," weighing 412½ grains (nine tenths fine), having a ratio to gold of "16 to 1" in value when first coined, was the original dollar of the Constitution.

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  6. To accept that someone is telling the truth.

  7. To have religious faith; to believe in a greater truth.

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  9. (label) To opine, think, reckon.

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