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attachment englannista suomeksi

  1. takavarikkoonpano, ulosmittaus, ulosotto, takavarikkoonotto, takavarikkotoimenpide, takavarikointi, takavarikko, takavarikoiminen, takavarikkoon ottaminen

  2. lisävaruste, lisäosa, lisälaite

  3. liittäminen, liite

  4. noudattaminen

  5. kiinnitys, kiinnittäminen

  6. kiintymys

  7. sidos

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kiintymys

  3. riippuvuus

  4. lisälaite, lisävaruste

  5. kiinnitys, kiinnike, kiinnekohta

  6. liitetiedosto, liite

  7. ulosotto

attachment englanniksi

  1. The act or process of (physically or figuratively) attaching.

  2. (quote-book)

  3. A strong bonding with or fondness for someone or something.

  4. ''I have such an attachment towards my fiancé!''

  5. A dependence, especially a strong one.

  6. A device attached to a piece of equipment or a tool.

  7. The means by which something is physically attached.

  8. A file sent along with an email.

  9. Taking a person's property to satisfy a court-ordered debt.

  10. ''attachment of earnings''

  11. The act or process by which any (downward) leader connects to any available (upward) streamer in a lightning flash.

  12. 2009, Jakke Mäkelä, Eero Karvinen, Niko Porjo, Antti Mäkelä and Tapio Tuomi, ''Attachment of Natural Lightning Flashes to Trees: Preliminary Statistical Characteristics'', published in the ''Journal of Lightning Research'', volume 1

  13. (l) (gloss)

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  15. (l), personal bonding