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eye englannista suomeksi

  1. silmä

  2. silmäillä, katsoa, tarkastella, mulkoilla

  3. näkö, silmät

  4. neulansilmä, silmukka

  5. huomio

  1. tarkastella

  2. silmäillä|interwiki=1

  3. silmäillä|interwiki=1, tarkastella|interwiki=1, mulkoilla|interwiki=1

  4. Substantiivi

eye englanniksi

  1. An organ through which animals see (perceive surroundings via light).

  2. (syn)


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  4. 1605, ''The Trial of Chivalry'':

  5. Were it to search the furthest Northern clime / Where frosty Hyems with an ycie Mace / Strikes dead all living things, Ide find it out, / And borrowing fire from those fayre sunny eyne / Thaw Winters frost and warme that dead cold clime: (..)
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  7. (quote-book)|chapter=1|title=(w)|year=1922|passage=She was like a Beardsley ''Salome'', he had said. And indeed she had the narrow eyes and the high cheekbone of that creature, and as nearly the sinuosity as is compatible with human symmetry. His wooing had been brief but incisive.

  8. (RQ:Allingham China Governess).

  9. (quote-journal)|url=http://www.americanscientist.org/issues/pub/2013/4/tiny-lenses-see-the-big-picture|title=Tiny Lenses See the Big Picture|text=The single-imaging optic of the mammalian eye offers some distinct visual advantages. Such lenses can take in photons from a wide range of angles, increasing light sensitivity. They also have high spatial resolution, resolving incoming images in minute detail.

  10. (ux)

  11. The visual sense.

  12. The iris of the eye, being of a specified colour.

  13. Attention, notice.

  14. (RQ:Churchill Celebrity)

  15. The ability to notice what others might miss.

  16. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp)

  17. A meaningful stare or look.

  18. A eye: a privately hired detective or investigator.

  19. (quote-book)|title=Devil in the White City|The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America|publisher=(w)|isbn=0609608444|page=199|text=Far more annoying were the letters from parents of missing daughters and the private detectives who had begun showing up at his door. Independently of each other, the Cigrand and Conner families had hired “eyes” to search for their missing daughters.

  20. A hole at the blunt end of a needle through which thread is passed.

  21. The oval hole of an axehead through which the axehandle is fitted.

  22. (quote-journal)

  23. A fitting consisting of a loop of metal or other material, suitable for receiving a hook or the passage of a cord or line.

  24. The relatively clear and calm center of a hurricane or other cyclonic storm.

  25. A mark on an animal, such as a peacock or butterfly, resembling a human eye.

  26. The dark spot on a pea.

  27. A reproductive bud in a potato.

  28. The dark brown center of a Susan flower.

  29. A loop forming part of anything, or a hole through anything, to receive a rope, hook, pin, shaft, etc.; for example, at the end of a tie bar in a bridge truss, through a crank, at the end of a rope, or through a millstone.

  30. That which resembles the eye in relative importance or beauty.

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  33. Tinge; shade of colour.

  34. (RQ:Boyle Experiments and Considerations Touching Colour)

  35. Red with an eye of blue makes a purple.
  36. One of the holes in certain kinds of cheese.

  37. The circle in the centre of a volute.

  38. The enclosed counter (negative space) of the small letter ''e''.

  39. An empty point or group of points surrounded by one player's stones.

  40. View or opinion.

  41. To carefully or appraisingly observe (someone or something).

  42. ''After eyeing the document for half an hour, she decided not to sign it.''

    ''They went out and eyed the new car one last time before deciding.''

  43. 1859, ''Fraser's Magazine'' (volume 60, page 671)

  44. Each downcast monk in silence takes / His place a newmade grave around, / Each one his brother sadly eying.

    (syn) (poetic)

  45. To appear; to look.

  46. (RQ:Shakespeare Antony and Cleopatra)

  47. To remove the reproductive buds from (potatoes).

  48. 1996, ''Food Preparation and Cooking'' (page 418)

  49. Once the potatoes have been rumbled they require 'eyeing' with a turning knife or hand peeler.
  50. 2012, Bob Vargovcik, ''Bayonne Boy'' (page 19)

  51. My first assignment was eyeing old potatoes. The Siegler brothers would buy potatoes so old they looked like an octopus. My job was to make them look presentable and, of course, sellable.
  52. To allow (fish eggs) to develop so that the black eye spots are visible.

  53. 1927, ''Appendix to the Journals of the Senate and Assembly of the Forty-Seventh Session of the Legislature of the State of California''

  54. Eggs were collected from the Taylor Creek, Upper Truckee River, and Blackwood Creek traps and transported to this station to be eyed (..)
  55. (Latn-def)

  56. 2004 Will Rogers, ''The Stonking Steps'', p. 170

  57. It said, in a whispering, buzzing voice, "Gee-you-ess-ess-ay-dash-em-ee-ar-ar-wye-dash-em-eye-en-gee-oh-dash-pee-eye-pee-dash-pee-ee-ar-ar-wye-dash-pee-eye-en-gee-oh."
  58. *2016 CCEB, ''Communications Instructions Radiotelephone Procedures: ACP125 (G)'', p. 3-5

  59. IED spoken as "eye-ee-dee" instead of "I SPELL India Echo Delta Romeo".
  60. A brood.

  61. ''an eye of pheasants''

  62. (l), reverence, worshipfulness

  63. horror, panic

  64. that which creates reverence; the exercise of power

  65. that which incites awe

  66. that which incites terror

  67. (alternative form of)

  68. eye

  69. face; surface

  70. nose

  71. very, course, emphatic adverb

  72. hey!

  73. sheep, goat

  74. (gloss)

  75. mother, mom

  76. a term of familiarity or respect for an older woman, or older female relative, or a priestess

  77. (syn)

  78. a term of familiarity or respect for an older woman, or older female relative