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mountain englannista suomeksi

  1. vuori

  2. tunturi

  1. Substantiivi

mountain englanniksi

  1. An elevation of land of considerable dimensions rising more or less abruptly, forming a conspicuous figure in the landscape, usually having a small extent of surface at its summit. (defdate)

  2. ''Everest is the highest mountain in the world.''

    ''We spent the weekend hiking in the mountains.''

  3. (RQ:KJV)

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  5. Something very large in size or quantity; a huge amount; a great heap. (defdate)

  6. ''He was a real mountain of a man, standing seven feet tall.''

    ''There's still a mountain of work to do.''

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  8. A difficult task or challenge.

  9. Wine from Malaga made from grapes that grow on a mountain. (defdate)

  10. 1785-1789, (w), ''The English Experiment'' (diaries)

  11. Called on Courtenay, with whom I walked to Hampstead Heath, and got into excellent spirits, enjoying fine fresh air; then dined with him tête-a-tête on mutton broth and mackerel and drank mountain and old port moderately.
  12. A woman's large breast.

  13. The twenty-first Lenormand card.

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