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worthy englannista suomeksi

  1. arvostettu

  2. varteenotettava

  3. arvohenkilö

  1. arvollinen

  2. kunnianarvoisa

  3. -n (genitive) arvoinen">-n (genitive) arvoinen

worthy englanniksi

  1. having worth, merit{{, or value

  2. (RQ:Shakespeare Two Gentlemen of Verona)

  3. c. 1626, (w), ''The Original, Nature, and Immortality of the Soul''

  4. This worthy mind should worthy things embrace.
  5. Admirable or honourable.

  6. Deserving, or having sufficient worth.

  7. (RQ:Milton Hirelings)

  8. Suited; suitable; befitting.

  9. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 6-2)

  10. (RQ:King James Version) whose shoes I am not worthy to bear.

  11. (RQ:Milton Comus)

  12. (RQ:Dryden Aeneis)

  13. (quote-journal)

  14. a distinguished or eminent person

  15. 1867, ''Journal of Agriculture'' (page 108)

  16. That worthy one day, in our absence, being caught in the act of culpable talpicide, was rebuked by his mistress for disobeying his master's orders.
  17. To render or treat as worthy; exalt; revere; honour; esteem; respect; value; reward; adore.

  18. (RQ:Shakespeare King Lear)

  19. 1880, Sir Norman Lockyer, ''Nature'':

  20. After having duly paid his addresses to it, he generally spends some time on the marble slab in front of the looking-glass, but without showing the slightest emotion at the sight of his own reflection, or worthying it with a song.
  21. 1908, Edward Arthur Brayley Hodgetts, ''The court of Russia in the nineteenth century'':

  22. And it is a poor daub besides," the Emperor rejoined scornfully, as he stalked out of the gallery without worthying the artist with a look.
  23. 1910, Charles William Eliot, ''The Harvard classics: (w)'':

  24. No henchman he worthied by weapons, if witness his features, his peerless presence!
  25. (l)