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merit englannista suomeksi

  1. ansio

  2. ansaita

  1. Substantiivi

  2. ansio

  3. saavutus, ansio, hyvä työ">hyvä työ

  4. Verbi

merit englanniksi

  1. A claim to commendation or a reward.

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  3. A mark or token of approbation or to recognize excellence.

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  6. Something deserving or worthy of positive recognition or reward.

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  9. (quote-book)|series=Second Series|location=Baltimore, Md.|publisher=Published by Frederick Weishampel Jr.|John Frederick Weishampel, Jr.; Philadelphia, Pa.: American Baptist Publication Society; New York, N.Y.: Sheldon and Company|year=1877|page=244|pageurl=|oclc=1084857360|passage=In all our noble Anglo-Saxon language, there is scarcely a nobler word than ''worth''; yet this term has now almost exclusively a pecuniary meaning. So that if you ask what a man is worth, nobody ever thinks of telling you what he ''is'', but what he ''has''. The answer will never refer to his merits, his virtues, but always to his possessions. He is worth—so much money.

  10. The sum of all the good deeds that a person does which determines the quality of the person's next state of existence and contributes to the person's growth towards enlightenment.

  11. (quote-journal)|month=October|year=1855|volume=V (New Series)|page=118|pageurl=|oclc=1061908554|passage=It is no small tax upon the people to support their Buddhist priests, but they do it with a willing heart. When I was once at the old capital, I saw a woman, from her own stock, feed more than fifty priests, who came to her in his turn, and received his portion. ... If I had asked her why she thus spent so much of her living, her answer would have been, 'To make merit.'

  12. (quote-book)|year=2015|page=90|pageurl=|isbn=978-1-138-02357-4|passage=At funerals, acts of sharing religious merit are central and relatives of the deceased make merit in order to ensure that the departed family member will have a favourable rebirth.

  13. ''Usually in the plural form'' the merits: the substantive rightness or wrongness of a legal argument, a lawsuit, etc., as opposed to technical matters such as the admissibility of evidence or points of legal procedure; the overall good or bad quality, or rightness or wrongness, of some other thing.

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  15. (quote-book)|year=2014|section=part III (Negotiations during the Post-adjudicative Phase)|page=311|pageurl=|isbn=978-1-4094-1045-4|passage=In most cases once the Court has performed its judicial function – as it had been determined by the parties through their Application or Special Agreement and their submissions – and has rendered its judgment on the merits of the case, a new phrase of functional interaction commences.

  16. The quality or state of deserving retribution, whether reward or punishment.

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  18. To deserve, to earn.

  19. (quote-journal); and sold by J. Deighton,(nb...); Hanwell and Parker, and J. Cooke,(nb...)|year=1806|volume=IX (Appendix)|issue=V|page=465|pageurl=|oclc=1065758738|passage=Oh! France! charming country! where I had the good fortune to be born! one never quits thee with impunity. Celebrated for the rich beauty of thy soil, for the sociability of thy inhabitants, for all the comforts of civilized life, thou meritest thy reputation, and nothing is so rare.

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  22. (quote-book)|year=2014|section=part III (The Aristotelian Distinction)|page=361|pageurl=|isbn=978-0-19-870138-5|passage=Take the principle that requires distribution of help in accord with need. It would certainly support allocating some help to its only potential recipient, provided she is in need. And on the plausible assumption that the more meriting of some good one is the more good one merits, the principle would support allocating more of the help to her the greater her needs.

  23. To be deserving or worthy.

  24. (quote-book)|location=prentyd at London|publisher=By Rastell|Wyllyam Rastell|year=1532|page=cclxxiiii|pageurl=|oclc=11636675|passage=And yet he bode them do yt, and they were bounde to obaye and meryted and deserued by theyr obedyēce.

  25. To reward.

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  27. merit

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