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roof englannista suomeksi

  1. katto

  2. yläpohja, ulkokatto

  3. yläraja

  4. kattaa

  1. katto, ulkokatto, vesikatto

  2. katto, ulkokatto

  3. Substantiivi

  4. Verbi

roof englanniksi

  1. The external covering at the top of a building.

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  3. 1931, Robert L. May, ''Rudolph'', ''The Red-Nosed Reindeer'', Montgomery Ward (publisher), draft:

  4. The very first sound that you’ll hear on the roof(Provided there’s fog) will be Rudolph’s small hoof.
  5. 1984, (w), "Roof Is on Fire|The Roof Is on Fire":

  6. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!We don't need no water: Let the motherfucker burn!Burn, motherfucker, burn!


  7. The top external level of a building.

  8. 1962, (w) & al., "on the Roof (song)|Up on the Roof":

  9. When this old world starts getting me downAnd people are just too much for me to face,I climb way up to the top of the stairsAnd all my cares just drift right into spaceOn the roof, it's peaceful as can beAnd there, the world below can't bother me...
  10. The upper part of a cavity.

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  12. The surface or bed of rock immediately overlying a bed of coal or a flat vein.

  13. An overhanging rock wall

  14. To cover or furnish with a roof.

  15. To traverse buildings by walking or climbing across their roofs.

  16. To put into prison, to bird.

  17. (quote-av) I mean, Noah roofed me, I proved it, end of story.

  18. (quote-song)

  19. (quote-song)|title=Brown Bag Wrap|album=Rare Chandeliers|passage=Inhale the mystical, the blue shitSee me on the stoop shit, act stupid at the park, the ball, get roofedBaby see the cops, the drugs, she boofed itFoie gras at every meal, that means I triple-goosed it

  20. To shelter as if under a roof.

  21. 1865, Thomas Greenbury, ''Pleasant Rambles Over Moors, Mountains, Mines, and Waterfalls''

  22. They reached him: the pieces of rock had roofed him over—he was without injury or scratch.
  23. 1903, (w), ''The Ambassadors'' Ambassadors (London: Methuen & Co., 1903)/Part 12/Chapter 36|Part 12 Chapter 36

  24. It built him softly round, it roofed him warmly over, it rested, all so firm, on selection.
  25. robbery, robbing, banditry, rapine

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