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lie englannista suomeksi

  1. sijaita

  2. olla peräisin

  3. valhe, vale

  4. valehdella

  5. sijainti

  6. maata, olla makuuasennossa

  7. olla

  1. maata, olla + adessive for "lying on"

  2. olla, sijaita

  3. valehdella, puhua puppua">puhua puppua informal, syöttää pajunköyttä idiomatic, puhua palturia">puhua palturia informal, sepittää, narrata childish, laskea luikuria informal

  4. vale informal, valhe, potaska informal, pöty informal, lööperi informal, palturi informal, puppu informal, luikuri informal, fuula slang

  5. Verbi

  6. Substantiivi

lie englanniksi

  1. Lie

  1. (senseid) To rest in a horizontal position on a surface.

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:King James Version)

  4. (RQ:Dryden Astraea Redu)

  5. The watchful traveller (..) / Lay down again, and closed his weary eyes.
  6. 1849, (w), (w)

  7. Our uninquiring corpses lie more low / Than our life's curiosity doth go.
  8. (quote-book)

  9. To be placed or situated.

  10. (RQ:Schuster Hepaticae)

  11. (quote-journal)

  12. To abide; to remain for a longer or shorter time; to be in a certain state or condition.

  13. ''Used with'' ''(l)'': to be or exist; to belong or pertain; to have an abiding place; to consist.

  14. (RQ:Locke Education)

  15. He that thinks that diversion may not lie in hard labour, forgets the early rising and hard riding of huntsmen.
  16. ''Used with'' ''(l)'': to have sexual relations with.

  17. ''Used with'' ''(l)/(l)'': to be incumbent (on); to be the responsibility of a person.

  18. To lodge; to sleep.

  19. 1632, (w), ''diary, entry 21 October 1632''

  20. While I was now trifling at home, I saw London, (..) where I lay one night only.
  21. (RQ:Dickens Copperfield)

  22. Mr. Quinion lay at our house that night.
  23. To be still or quiet, like one lying down to rest.

  24. *(RQ:Shakespeare Pericles)

  25. To be sustainable; to be capable of being maintained.

  26. 1737, ''Cart against Marsh'' (legal case)

  27. An appeal lies in this case from the ordinary to the arches.
  28. The terrain and conditions surrounding the ball before it is struck.

  29. The terrain and conditions surrounding the disc before it is thrown.

  30. The position of a fetus in the womb.

  31. A manner of lying; relative position.

  32. An animal's lair.

  33. (senseid) To give false information intentionally with intent to deceive.

  34. ''While a principle-based approach might claim that lying is always morally wrong, the casuist would argue that, depending upon the details of the case, lying might or might not be illegal or unethical. The casuist might conclude that a person is wrong to lie in legal testimony under oath, but might argue that lying actually is the best moral choice if the lie saves a life.''(w)

  35. To convey a false image or impression.

  36. To be mistaken or unintentionally spread false information.

  37. An intentionally false statement; an intentional falsehood.

  38. (syn)


  39. A statement intended to deceive, even if literally true.

  40. Anything that misleads or disappoints.

  41. 1835, (w), ''the Story of Justin Martyr''

  42. Wishing this lie of life was o'er.
  43. (quote-video game) and (w)|title=(video game)|Portal|text=The cake is a lie.

  44. (infl of)

  45. ''Se on missä lie.''

    ''It's somewhere.'' / ''I wonder where it is.''

    ''Tai mitä lie ovatkaan''

    ''Or whatever they are.''

  46. lees, dregs (of wine, of society)

  47. (inflection of)

  48. (pinyin reading of)

  49. (nonstandard spelling of)

  50. dregs; mostly solid, undesirable leftovers of a drink

  51. a stone

  52. (RQ:sga-gloss)

  53. (quote)
  54. (es-verb form of)

  55. scythe; an instrument for mowing grass, grain, or the like.