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womb englannista suomeksi

  1. kohtu

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kohtu

  3. kehto

  4. Verbi

womb englanniksi

  1. In female mammals, the organ in which the young are conceived and grow until birth; the uterus. (defdate)

  2. The abdomen or stomach. (defdate)

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  4. And his hede, hym semed,was enamyled with asure, and his shuldyrs shone as the golde, and his wombe was lyke mayles of a merveylous hew(nb..).
  5. The stomach of a person or creature. (defdate)

  6. A place where something is made or formed. (defdate)

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  8. The womb of earth the genial seed receives.
  9. 1826, Mary Shelley, (w), part 2, chapter 7

  10. The shadows of the future hours rose dark and menacing from the womb of time ...
  11. Any cavity containing and enveloping anything.

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  13. The centre spike of gold Which burns deep in the blue-bell's womb.
  14. To enclose in a womb, or as if in a womb; to breed or hold in secret.

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