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material englannista suomeksi

  1. aineellinen

  2. materiaali

  3. raaka-aine, tarvikkeet

  4. merkittävä, olennainen

  5. aine

  6. aines

  7. aineisto

  1. materiaalinen, aineellinen

  2. maallinen, materiaalinen

  3. merkittävä, olennainen

  4. Substantiivi

  5. materiaali, raaka-aine

  6. aineisto

  7. kangas

  8. aines

  9. aine, aines

  10. Verbi

material englanniksi

  1. Having to do with matter; consisting of matter.

  2. (ux)

  3. 1913, Bowyer Sharpe|Alfred Bowyer Sharpe, ''Encyclopedia (1913)/Evil|Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Evil''

  4. the material elements of the universe
  5. Worldly, as opposed to spiritual.

  6. (ant)

  7. Significant.

  8. (RQ:Evelyn Diary)

  9. discourse, which was always material, not trifling
  10. (RQ:Locke Human Understanding)

  11. (senseid)Matter which may be shaped or manipulated, particularly in making something.

  12. (quote-book) |year=1820|volume=20|publisher=Archibald Constable and Company|location=Edinburgh|edition=6th|url= |passage= In trumpets for assisting the hearing, all reverbation of the trumpet must be avoided. It must be made thick, of the least elastic materials, and covered with cloth externally. For all reverbation lasts for a short time, and produces new sounds which mix with those which are coming in.

  13. (quote-journal)| title=Gemstones| passage=Although there are dozens of different types of gems, among the best known and most important are  . (Common gem materials not addressed in this article include amber, amethyst, chalcedony, garnet, lazurite, malachite, opals, peridot, rhodonite, spinel, tourmaline, turquoise and zircon.)

  14. (senseid)Text written for a specific purpose.

  15. (senseid)A sample or specimens for study.

  16. (RQ:Schuster Hepaticae)

  17. (senseid)Cloth to be made into a garment. Fabric.

  18. (RQ:Christie Autobiography)

  19. (senseid) A person, or people collectively, who are qualified for a certain position or activity.

  20. (quote-journal)

  21. (senseid) Related data of various kinds, especially if collected as the basis for a document or book.

  22. (quote-journal)| volume=189| issue=1| page=18| magazine=(w)| title= Obama's once hip brand is now tainted| passage=Now we are liberal with our innermost secrets, spraying them into the public ether with a generosity our forebears could not have imagined. Where we once sent love letters in a sealed envelope, or stuck photographs of our children in a family album, now such private material is despatched to servers and clouds operated by people we don't know and will never meet.

  23. The substance that something is made or composed of.

  24. (quote-journal)| title=Stents to Prevent Stroke| passage=As we age, the major arteries of our bodies frequently become thickened with plaque, a fatty material with an oatmeal-like consistency that builds up along the inner lining of blood vessels.

  25. An element of a language associated with a certain style of rendering on the display.

  26. All of a player's pieces and pawns on the chessboard.

  27. To form from matter; to materialize.

  28. (RQ:Browne Religio Medici)

  29. (l) (rfclarify)

  30. material

  31. material

  32. (l): matter which may be shaped or manipulated, particularly in making something.

  33. Extant in matter or having physical form; (l).

  34. Not supernatural or spiritual; regular, conventional, worldly.

  35. Being the physical attributes or properties of a thing.

  36. Affecting or modifying physical matter or attributes.

  37. Prominent, significant.

  38. (alternative form of)

  39. (l); stuff (gloss)

  40. (l) (gloss)

  41. footage (gloss)

  42. resources used in class

  43. tackle; supplies; gear; rig (gloss)

  44. (uxi)

  45. (l) (gloss)

  46. (l); worldly (gloss)

  47. (syn)

  48. materialistic; consumeristic (gloss)

  49. (l)

  50. a material

  51. a matter, a subject (of study)