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rig englannista suomeksi

  1. vääristellä

  2. kamppeet

  3. kiinnittää

  4. laitteisto

  5. peukaloida

  6. huiputus

  7. takila

  8. kuteet

  9. rekka

  10. rattaat

  11. takiloida

  1. takila, riki

  2. laitteisto

  3. öljynporaustorni

  4. asu

  5. tietokonekotelo

  6. ranka, rigi slang

  7. takiloida, sumplia, lavastaa

  8. Substantiivi

  9. Verbi

rig englanniksi

  1. (senseid) The rigging of a sailing ship or other such craft.

  2. Special equipment or gear used for a particular purpose.

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  4. A large truck such as a truck.

  5. (quote-song)

  6. (quote-song)|album=Black Bear Road|url=|artist=C. W. McCall|passage=There's armored cars, and tanks, and JeepsAnd rigs of every size.Yeah, them chicken coops was full o'bearsAnd choppers filled the skies.

  7. The special apparatus used for drilling wells.

  8. A costume or an outfit.

  9. A computer, typically one modified for looks.

  10. {{quote-text|en|year=2004|author=Radford Castro|title=Let Me Play: Stories of Gaming and Emulation|page=104

  11. An imperfectly castrated horse, sheep etc.

  12. Radio equipment, especially a CB radio|citizen's band transceiver.

  13. Equipment used for taking drugs.

  14. {{quote-book|en|year=1995|author=Reyes Ramos|title=An Ethnographic Study of Heroin Abuse by Mexican Americans in San Antonio, Texas|page=36

  15. {{quote-text|en|year=2014|author=Josiah Howard|title=Cher: Strong Enough

  16. A model outfitted with parameterized controls for animation.

  17. (quote-newsgroup)

  18. (quote-journal)

  19. To out with a harness or other equipment.

  20. To equip and fit (a ship) with sails, shrouds, and yards.

  21. To move (a heavy object) with the help of slings, hoists, and tackle, levers, or similar equipment.

  22. To dress or clothe in some costume.

  23. To make or construct something in haste or in a makeshift manner.

  24. To manipulate something dishonestly for personal gain or discriminatory purposes.

  25. (quote-journal)Governments have to find the best people to fill important jobs: there is a limited supply of people who understand the financial system, for example. But governments must also remember that businesses are self-interested actors who will try to rig the system for their own benefit.

  26. To make free with; hence, to steal; to pilfer.

  27. (RQ:Tusser Good Husbandrie)

  28. To outfit a model with controls for animation.

  29. A ridge.

  30. A wanton; one given to unbecoming conduct.

  31. (RQ:Fuller Palestine)

  32. A promiscuous woman.

  33. {{quote-text|en|year=1936|author=Anthony Bertram|title=Like the Phoenix

  34. (senseid) A sportive or unbecoming trick; a frolic.

  35. (RQ:Cowper John Gilpin)

  36. A blast of wind.

  37. (RQ:Burke Regicide Peace)

  38. To play the wanton; to act in an unbecoming manner; to play tricks.

  39. 1616, (w), ''The Hymn to (w)'', in ''The Whole Works of (w)'' (tr.),

  40. Rigging and rifling all ways, and no noise / Made with thy soft feet, where it all destroys.
  41. An structure similar to a ring, but without the requirement that every element have an inverse.

  42. (quote-text)|volume=39|publisher=(w)|pageurl=https://books.google.com.au/books?id=LiJVAAAAMAAJ&q=%22rig,+but+not+a+ring%22&dq=%22rig,+but+not+a+ring%22&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj2s4jg1araAhVHOrwKHWkuBvoQ6AEIJzAA|page=81

  43. 2004, Jerzy Marcinkowski (editor), ''Computer Science Logic: 18th International Workshop, CSL 2004, Proceedings'', Springer, LNCS 3210, page 17,

  44. It follows that for each object ''A'' its endomorphisms End''C''(''A'') = ''C''(''A'',''A'') has the structure of what is now called a rig, that is to say a (commutative) ring without negatives.
  45. king in a pack of cards

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  47. rich (having wealth), wealthy, affluent

  48. exuberant, luxuriant

  49. (l) (the arrangement of masts etc., the special apparatus used for drilling oil wells)

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