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shroud englannista suomeksi

  1. peittää

  2. käärinliina, kuolinvaate

  3. laskuvarjon köysi

  4. kääriä

  5. kietoa käärinliinaan

  6. jalus

  1. käärinliina, kuolinvaate

  2. vantti

  3. Substantiivi

shroud englanniksi

  1. That which clothes, covers, conceals, or protects; a garment.

  2. 1636, (w), ''Paraphrase upon the Psalms and Hymns dispersed throughout the Old and New Testaments''

  3. swaddled, as new born, in sable shrouds
  4. (quote-journal)

  5. Especially, the dress for the dead; a sheet.

  6. 1826, (w), (w), volume 3, chapter 2

  7. Yet let us goǃ England is in her shroud – we may not enchain ourselves to a corpse.
  8. (RQ:Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet)

  9. That which covers or shelters like a shroud.

  10. (RQ:Byron Childe Harold)

  11. A covered place used as a retreat or shelter, as a cave or den; also, a vault or crypt.

  12. 1618, (w), ''Homeric Hymns''

  13. The shroud to which he won / His fair-eyed oxen.
  14. 1554, (w), ''A Dictionarie in English and Latine''

  15. a vault, or shroud, as under a church
  16. One of a set of ropes or cables (rigging) attaching a mast to the sides of a vessel or to another anchor point, serving to support the mast sideways; such rigging collectively.

  17. (quote-book)

  18. One of the two annular plates at the periphery of a water wheel, which form the sides of the buckets; a shroud plate.

  19. A streamlined protective covering used to protect the payload during a rocket-powered launch.

  20. To cover with a shroud.

  21. (RQ:Bacon Sylva Sylvarum)

  22. To conceal or hide from view, as if by a shroud.

  23. (ux)

  24. (RQ:Raleigh Historie of the Worl)

  25. One of these trees, with all his young ones, may shroud four hundred horsemen.
  26. (RQ:Dryden The Indian Emperour)

  27. To take shelter or harbour.

  28. (RQ:Milton Comus)

  29. The branching top of a tree; foliage.

  30. (quote-book)| title=(w)|chapter=xxxi.iii| edition=(w)| url=| passage=Behold, the Assyrian was a Cedar in Lebanon with faire branches, and with a shadowing shrowd, and of an hie stature, and his top was among the thicke boughes.

  31. To lop the branches from (a tree).

  32. (synonyms)

  33. garment, priestly vestment