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sail englannista suomeksi

  1. purjehtia, seilata

  2. purje

  3. purjehdus

  1. purje

  2. purjeet (monikko)

  3. purjehdus

  4. siipi

  5. torni

  6. uimakello

  7. purjehtia, seilata

  8. liitää

  9. liitää, kiitää

  10. Substantiivi

sail englanniksi

  1. A piece of fabric attached to a boat and arranged such that it causes the wind to drive the boat along. The sail may be attached to the boat via a combination of mast, spars and ropes.

  2. (RQ:Shakespeare Midsummer)

  3. The concept of a sail or sails, as if a substance.

  4. (ux)

  5. The power harnessed by a sail or sails, or the use of this power for travel or transport.

  6. A trip in a boat, especially a sailboat.

  7. A sailing vessel; a vessel of any kind; a craft.

  8. The tower of a submarine.

  9. The blade of a windmill.

  10. A tower-like structure found on the dorsal (topside) surface of submarines.

  11. The floating organ of siphonophores, such as the man-of-war.

  12. A sailfish.

  13. an outward projection of the (l), occurring in certain (l) and (l)

  14. Anything resembling a sail, such as a wing.

  15. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)soaring / / To weather his broad sails.

  16. (senseid) To be impelled or driven forward by the action of wind upon sails, as a ship on water; to be impelled on a body of water by steam or other power.

  17. To move through or on the water; to swim, as a fish or a waterfowl.

  18. To ride in a boat, especially a sailboat.

  19. To sail; to begin a voyage.

  20. To move briskly and gracefully through the air.

  21. (RQ:Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet) / When he bestrides the lazy pacing clouds, / And sails upon the bosom of the air.

  22. (RQ:YGO FR)

  23. ''flavor text of the card "Spirit of the Winds"'' A spirit of the wind that freely sails the skies.
  24. (quote-journal)

  25. To move briskly but sedately.

  26. To deal out (cards) from a distance by impelling them across a surface.

  27. 2007, Johnny Hughes, ''Texas Poker Wisdom'' (page 22)

  28. He would sit his hat across the room, and we would sail cards into it.
  29. area

  30. The fin or (l) of a submarine.

  31. (syn)

  32. dirt, dross, impurity

  33. (uxi)

  34. stain, defilement

  35. willow (gloss)

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  37. (l)

  38. base, basis, foundation