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mast englannista suomeksi

  1. ruoka

  2. masto

  3. maahan pudonneet pähkinät

  1. masto

  2. tammenterhot (monikko) of acorns

  3. Substantiivi

mast englanniksi

  1. A tall, slim post or tower, usually tapering upward, used to support, for example, sails on a ship, the main rotor of a helicopter, flags, floodlights, meteorological instruments, or communications equipment, such as an aerial, usually supported by guy-wires (except in the case of a helicopter). (defdate)

  2. A non-judicial punishment ("NJP"); a disciplinary hearing under which a commanding officer studies and disposes of cases involving those under his command. (defdate)

  3. To supply and fit a mast to (a ship). (defdate)

  4. The fruit of forest-trees (beech, oak, chestnut, pecan, etc.), especially if having fallen from the tree, used as fodder for pigs and other animals. (defdate)

  5. c. 1609, (w), ''Homer, Prince of Poets'' translation of ''(w)'':

  6. She shut them straight in sties, and gave them meat: / Oak-mast, and beech, and cornel fruit, they eat,
  7. (RQ:Dryden Georgics)

  8. (RQ:South Twelve Sermons)

  9. 1955, (w), ''The Cone-Gatherers'', Canongate 2012, page 162:

  10. He (..) would begin to pick up the seed-cases or mast, squeeze each one with his fingers to see if it were fertile, and drop it if it were not.
  11. To feed on forest seed or fruit.

  12. To produce a very large quantity of fruit or seed in certain years but not others.

  13. (quote-book)

  14. (tlb) The steroid (w), also known as ''Masteron''

  15. A type of heavy cue, with the broad end of which one strikes the ball. (defdate)

  16. (RQ:Smollett Peregrine Pickle)

  17. ointment

  18. (l) (gloss)

  19. (l), fodder for pigs or other animals made up of acorns and beechnuts.

  20. mast

  21. suit

  22. flush

  23. (alt form)

  24. yoghurt

  25. (l)

  26. (inflection of)

  27. (superlative of)

  28. most

  29. grease

  30. fat

  31. lard

  32. schmaltz

  33. (l), tall slim structure

  34. yoghurt (a milk-based product thickened by a bacterium-aided curdling process)