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spar englannista suomeksi

  1. kinastella, riidellä

  2. sparraus

  3. sälpä

  4. tapella

  5. varustaa tangolla, varustaa puomilla

  6. sparrata

  7. puomi

  1. parru

  2. telki

  3. pyöröpuu

  4. siipisalko

  5. sparrata

  6. sälpä

  7. Substantiivi

  8. Verbi

spar englanniksi

  1. A rafter of a roof.

  2. A thick pole or piece of wood.

  3. A bar of wood used to fasten a door.

  4. 1596, (w), ''The Faerie Queene'', V.11:

  5. The Prince staid not his aunswere to devize, / But, opening streight the Sparre, forth to him came .
  6. Any linear object used as a mast, sprit, yard, boom, pole or gaff.

  7. A beam-like structural member that supports ribs in an aircraft wing or other airfoil.

  8. to bolt, bar.

  9. To supply or equip (a vessel) with spars.

  10. To fight, especially as practice for arts or hand-to-hand combat.

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  12. To strike with the feet or spurs, as cocks do.

  13. To contest in words; to wrangle.

  14. A sparring session; a preliminary fight, as in boxing or cock-fighting.

  15. (senseid) Any of various microcrystalline minerals, of light, translucent, or transparent appearance, which are easily cleft.

  16. Any crystal with readily discernible faces.

  17. spade (one of the black suits in a deck of cards)

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  19. spruce; certain tree of the family Pinaceae, especially of the genus ''Picea'', but also used for trees of the genera ''Abies'', ''Tsuga'' and ''Pseudotsuga''.

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  22. economical

  23. thrifty

  24. spades (suit in playing cards)

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