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makeshift englannista suomeksi

  1. hätävara-

  2. hätävara

  1. hätävara

  2. hätävara -, tilapäis-

makeshift englanniksi

  1. A temporary (usually insubstantial) substitution.

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  3. 1923, Benjamin C. Marsh, "For the Community to Do", in ''The World tomorrow'' Volume 6

  4. Hoboism cannot be cured or prevented by makeshifts or by local measures and efforts, although community interest naturally is vital in dealing with a problem that comes home to every community.
  5. Made to work or suffice; improvised; substituted.

  6. ''They used the ledge and a few branches for a makeshift shelter.''

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  8. A rogue; a shifty person.

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