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outfit englannista suomeksi

  1. vaatteet, vaatekerta, puku

  2. ryhmä

  3. varustaa

  4. varusteet

  1. Substantiivi

  2. vaatekerta, puku, asu

  3. varusteet (monikko)

  4. yksikkö

  5. liike

  6. joukkue

  7. Verbi

  8. varustaa

outfit englanniksi

  1. A set of clothing (with accessories).

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  3. 2003, (w), "Outfit":

  4. Don't call what you're wearing an outfit.
  5. Gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose.

  6. Any cohesive group of people; a unit; such as a military company.

  7. *(quote-video game)|title=(w)|location=Redwood City|publisher=Electronic Arts|year=2008|platform=PC|scene=Salarians: League of One Codex entry|isbn=9780784546642|oclc=246633669|passage=The League of One was suddenly exposed and in danger of being hunted by enemies of the salarians. Before any harm could be done, the team mysteriously disappeared....Realizing the threat posed by this rogue outfit, the Special Tasks Group dispatched a team of hunters. When they didn't return, the STG dispatched ten of its brightest operators with broad discretionary powers. Only two returned; they reported no evidence of the League.

  8. A business or firm.

  9. A sports team.

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  11. An outlier-sensitive fit.

  12. A year of the (w), or the supplies required for such a period.

  13. 1949, John McLoughlin, ''The Financial Papers of Dr. John McLoughlin'' (page 56)

  14. (..) the outfit of 1821, which outfit suffered a loss. From 1822 there were profits on each outfit as the many subsequent credit entries indicate.
  15. To provide with, usually for a specific purpose.

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  17. outfit (gloss)