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cohesive englannista suomeksi

  1. koheesio-

  2. koossapysyvä

  1. yhdistävä

  2. Substantiivi

cohesive englanniksi

  1. Having cohesion.

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  3. A substance that provides cohesion

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  5. The thesaurus (Chapman, 1977) lists two pages of mechanical tools, two pages of joining functions, and a half page of adhesives, binders, and cohesives used to build or repair consumer goods.
    Direct comparison meta-analysis showed that viscoadaptives lead to a lower loss in cell density compared with very low viscosity dispersives, and compared with super viscous cohesives.
  6. A device used to establish cohesion within a text

  7. The fourth of this group of cohesives is the anaphoric, same UT.