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gain englannista suomeksi

  1. hankkia

  2. nousta, enetä

  3. tulla, päästä päämäärään

  4. lihoa

  5. saada etua, hyötyä

  6. saavuttaa

  7. lisäys

  8. vahvistus

  9. ansaita

  10. saada

  11. hyöty

  12. lisätä

  13. voitto

  1. saavuttaa, päästä päämäärään">päästä päämäärään

  2. voittaminen, voitto

  3. voitto, hyöty

  4. vahvistus

  5. Substantiivi

  6. Verbi

gain englanniksi

  1. To acquire possession of.

  2. ''Looks like you've gained a new friend.''

  3. (RQ:KJV)

  4. To have or receive advantage or profit; to acquire gain; to grow rich; to advance in interest, health, or happiness; to make progress.

  5. ''The sick man gains daily.''

  6. To come off winner or victor in; to be successful in; to obtain by competition.

  7. ''to gain a battle; to gain a case at law''

  8. To increase.

  9. 1883, (w), ''(w)'' Merry Adventures of Robin Hood/Chapter V|Chapter V

  10. Then they had bouts of wrestling and of cudgel play, so that every day they gained in skill and strength.
  11. To be more likely to catch or overtake an individual.

  12. ''I'm gaining (on you).''


  13. To reach.

  14. ''to gain the top of a mountain''

  15. 1907, (w), ''The Iron Heel'':

  16. Ernest laughed harshly and savagely when he had gained the street.
  17. To draw into any interest or party; to win to one's side; to conciliate.

  18. If he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.
  19. (RQ:Dryden Aenei)

  20. to gratify the queen, and gain the court
  21. To on weight.

  22. ''I've been gaining.''

  23. (senseid) To run fast.

  24. The act of gaining; acquisition.

  25. 1855, (w), ''Maude''

  26. the lust of gain, in the spirit of Cain
  27. What is gained.

  28. (RQ:Shakespeare Macbeth)

  29. The factor by which a signal is multiplied.

  30. 1987, John Borwick, ''Sound recording practice'' (page 238)

  31. There follows the high and low-frequency replay equalization, which normally involves two adjustments with a further control allowing the replay gain to be set.
  32. Against.

  33. Straight, direct; near; short.

  34. ''the gainest way ''

  35. Suitable; convenient; ready.

  36. Easy; tolerable; handy, dexterous.

  37. Honest; respectable; moderate; cheap.

  38. Straightly; quickly; by the nearest way or means.

  39. Suitably; conveniently; dexterously; moderately.

  40. Tolerably; fairly.

  41. ''gain quiet (= fairly/pretty quiet)''

  42. A square or bevelled notch cut out of a girder, binding joist, or other timber which supports a floor beam, so as to receive the end of the floor beam.

  43. summit

  44. winnings, earnings, takings

  45. gain, yield

  46. to have

  47. (alt form)

  48. (senseid) against, next to, touching

  49. against, opposed to, counter to, opposing (q)

  50. towards, to, nearing

  51. on, on top of

  52. facing, pointed towards

  53. back (to), returning (to)

  54. income (financial)

  55. (quote-book)

  56. (soft mutation of)