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pawn englannista suomeksi

  1. pantata, kanittaa

  2. panttaus

  3. sotilas

  4. pelinappula

  5. pantti

  1. sotilas

  2. pelinappula

  3. panttaus

  4. pantti

  5. panttilainaamo

  6. pantata

  7. Substantiivi

pawn englanniksi

  1. The most numerous chess piece, or a similar piece in a similar game. In chess, each side starts with eight; moves are only forward, and attacks are only diagonally or passant.

  2. Someone who is being manipulated or used to some end.

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  5. The state of being held as security for a loan, or as a pledge.

  6. An instance of pawning something.

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  9. An item given as security on a loan, or as a pledge.

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  12. (RQ:Bacon Essayes)men will not take pawns without use interest.

  13. A pawnshop; pawnbroker.

  14. To pledge; to stake or wager.

  15. To give as security on a loan of money; especially, to deposit (something) at a pawn shop.

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  21. A gallery.

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