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millstone englannista suomeksi

  1. painolasti

  2. myllynkivi

  3. kiviriippa

  1. Substantiivi

  2. myllynkivi

  3. riippa, taakka

millstone englanniksi

  1. A large round stone used for grinding grain.

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  3. (quote-book); sold also by T. Goyder, 8, Street, Mayfair|Charles Street, Westminster; and may be had of all booksellers in town and country|year=1815|volume=VI|page=149, paragraph 1182|pageurl=|oclc=809571596|passage=The reason why a mill-stone signifies confirmation from the Word in both senses, is, because wheat signifies good, and fine flour the truth thereof, hence by a mill-stone, by which wheat is ground into fine flour, or barley into meal, is signified the production of truth from good, or the production of what is false from evil, thus also the confirmation of truth or what is false from the Word; (..)

  4. A coarse-grained sandstone used for making such stones; grit.

  5. (quote-book)|edition=2nd|location=Albany, N.Y.: Published by Websters and Skinners; New York, N.Y.: G. and C. and H. Carvill; Troy, N.Y.: William S. Parker; N. Tuttle, printer|year=1832|pages=92–93|pageurl=|oclc=63618958|passage=In North America the millstone grit, and a grey sandy and slaty rock beneath it, occur three times; and it is exceedingly difficult to distinguish these rocks in hand specimens, without the aid of organized remains. And remains are almost exclusively confined to the grey rocks. Common quarrymen, farmers, and foreign geologists, apply the names, ''greywracke'' and ''millstone'', to all these rocks promiscuously; neither having observed their different relative positions.

  6. ''Often in'' a millstone round one's neck (referring to Matthew 18:6 in the Bible): a heavy responsibility that is difficult to bear.

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  8. (quote-book)|year=2015|page=67|pageurl=||doi=10.7560/756618|isbn=978-0-292-75661-8|passage=That stunning defeat effectively ushered in a three-year deep freeze on any discussion of climate in Congress, an era of paralysis so pervasive that in June 2013, in what many environmentalists hailed as a milestone for action on climate and critics decried as a millstone around the neck of a struggling economy.