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earth englannista suomeksi

  1. maa

  2. maapallo

  3. maadoittaa, maattaa

  4. multa

  5. mennä koloonsa

  6. maakosketus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. maa

  3. maadoitus, maa

  4. kolo, pesä

  5. Verbi

  6. maattaa, maadoittaa

  7. haudata, kaivaa maahan">kaivaa maahan

earth englanniksi

  1. Earth

  1. (senseid) (alternative case form of); our planet, third out from the Sun.

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  3. (RQ:Conrad Heart of Darkness)

  4. (senseid) Soil.

  5. Any general rock-based material.

  6. The ground, land (as opposed to the sky or sea).

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  8. A connection electrically to the ''earth'' ((qualifier) ground); on equipment: a terminal connected in that manner.

  9. The lair or den (as a hole in the ground) of an animal such as a fox.

  10. A region of the planet; a land or country.

  11. Worldly things, as against spiritual ones.

  12. The world of our current life (as opposed to heaven or an afterlife).

  13. (RQ:Keats Lamia)

  14. The people on the globe.

  15. (RQ:King James Version)

  16. Any planet similar to the Earth (our earth): an exoplanet viewed as another earth, or a potential one.

  17. The human body.

  18. The aforementioned soil- or rock-based material, considered one of the (w).

  19. Any of certain substances now known to be oxides of metal, which were distinguished by being infusible, and by insolubility in water.

  20. To connect electrically to the earth.

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  22. To bury.

  23. (RQ:Young Night-Thoughts)

  24. To hide, or cause to hide, in the earth; to chase into a burrow or den.

  25. (RQ:Dryden Spanish Fryar)the Fox is earth’d,(..)

  26. (quote-book)

  27. To burrow.