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world englannista suomeksi

  1. maailma

  2. maailman-

  1. Substantiivi

  2. maailma

  3. maailma, maailmankaikkeus

  4. maailma, maapallo, maa

  5. Verbi

world englanniksi

  1. The subjective human experience, regarded collectively; human collective existence; existence in general.

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  3. The subjective human experience, regarded individually.

  4. (quote-book)|title=“Piracy”: A Romantic Chronicle of These Days|chapter=Ep./4/2

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  7. A majority of people.

  8. ''Running after God is the only life worth living. Even though the world believes that living for God is boring, we believe that there is nothing more exciting.''

  9. The (l).

  10. The (l).

  11. '' “As the world turns, we know the bleakness of winter, the promise of spring, the fullness of summer and the harvest of autumn–the cycle of life is complete.”'' - quotation attributed to (w).

  12. (RQ:Hough Purchase Price)She put back a truant curl from her forehead where it had sought egress to the world, and looked him full in the face now, drawing a deep breath which caused the round of her bosom to lift the lace at her throat.

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  14. 2018, VOA Learning English > China's Melting Glacier Brings Visitors, Adds to Climate Concerns

  15. She says the Third Pole is one of the world’s largest sources of fresh drinking water. says the Third Pole is one of the world’s largest sources of fresh drinking water.ogg
  16. A (l), especially one which is (l) or (l).

  17. (quote-book)|title=(w)|page=118|passage=Yet every world should have at least one unclimbable mountain.

  18. 2007 September 27, Marc Rayman (interviewee), “ NASA's Ion-Drive Asteroid Hunter Lifts Off”, ''National Public Radio'':

  19. I think many people think of asteroids as kind of little chips of rock. But the places that Dawn is going to really are more like worlds.
  20. Any other (l) which may be inhabitable, such as a (l).

  21. A very large extent of country.

  22. ''the World|New World''

  23. A (l), such as a (l), containing one or multiple (l) of (l), especially intelligent ones.

  24. ''the world of Narnia''; ''the Wizarding World of Harry Potter''; ''a zombie world''

  25. An individual or group (l) or (l) setting.

  26. ''Welcome to my world.''

  27. The part of an system distributed with the kernel, consisting of the shell and other programs.

  28. A subdivision of a game, consisting of a series of stages or levels that usually share a similar environment or theme.

  29. ''Have you reached the boss at the end of the ice world?''

    ''There's a hidden warp to the next world down this pipe.''

  30. The twenty-second trump or arcana card of the tarot.

  31. A great amount.

  32. ''Taking a break from work seems to have done her a world of good.''

    ''You're going to be in a world of trouble when your family finds out.''

  33. Age, era.

  34. (RQ:Douay Bible)

  35. To consider or cause to be considered from a global perspective; to consider as a global whole, rather than making or focussing on national or other distinctions; compare globalise.

  36. 1996, Jan Jindy Pettman, ''Worlding Women: A feminist international politics'', pages ix-x:

  37. There are by now many feminisms (Tong, 1989; Humm, 1992). ... They are in shifting alliance or contest with postmodern critiques, which at times seem to threaten the very category 'women' and its possibilities for a feminist politics. These debates inform this attempt at worlding women—moving beyond white western power centres and their dominant knowledges (compare Spivak, 1985), while recognising that I, as a white settler-state woman, need to attend to differences between women, too.
  38. 2005, James Phillips, ''Heidegger's Volk: Between National Socialism and Poetry'', published by Stanford University Press, (ISBN):

  39. In a sense, the dictatorship was a failure of failure and, on that account, it was perhaps the exemplary system of control. Having in 1933 wagered on the worlding of the world in the regime's failure, Heidegger after the war can only rue his opportunistic hopes for an exposure of the ontological foundations of control.
  40. To make real; to make worldly.

  41. (context) to introduce into the world; to bear (eg a child) -->

  42. The (l), the planet (i.e., Earth)

  43. (RQ:Wycliffe NT Lichfield)

  44. A dimension, realm, or existence, especially human existence.

  45. The trappings and features of human life.

  46. (quote-book)|author=Dan Michel|chapter=Vridom|page=86|url=;view=fulltext|passage= Ac hy habbeþ hire heꝛten zuo areꝛed ine god: þet hi ne pꝛayſeþ þe woꝛdle: bote ane botoun. and hi ne dredeþ kyng. ne eꝛl.(..)|translation=But those who have their hearts inspired by God, who don't praise the world('s ways) even a bit and who don't fear kings, earls,(..)

  47. The political entities of the world.

  48. The people of the world, especially when judging someone.

  49. An age, era or epoch.

  50. The universe, the totality of existence.