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kernel englannista suomeksi

  1. jyvä

  2. ydin

  1. Substantiivi

  2. ydin

  3. pähkinä

  4. jyvä

  5. kivi

  6. käyttöjärjestelmäydin, ydin, kerneli

  7. Verbi

kernel englanniksi

  1. The core, center, or essence of an object or system.

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  3. The central (usually edible) part of a nut, especially once the hard shell has been removed.

  4. A single seed or grain, especially of corn or wheat.

  5. The stone of certain fruits, such as peaches or plums.

  6. A small mass around which other matter is concreted; a nucleus; a concretion or hard lump in the flesh.

  7. The central part of many computer systems which manages the system's resources and the communication between hardware and software components.

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  9. The core engine of any complex software system.

  10. The simplified input to an algorithm that has undergone kernelization.

  11. A function used to define an transform.

  12. A set of pairs of a mapping's domain which are mapped to the same value.

  13. For a given function (especially a map between spaces), the set of elements in the domain which are mapped to zero; given ''f'' : ''X'' → ''Y'', the set {''x'' ∈ ''X'' : ''f''(''x'') = 0}.

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  15. ''For a category with morphisms'': the equalizer of a given morphism and the zero morphism which is parallel to that given morphism.

  16. The set of members of a set that are fully included (i.e., whose grade of membership is 1).

  17. The human clitoris.

  18. {{quote-text|en|year=2014|author=Karyn Gerrard; Irene Preston; Lotchie Burton|title=et al: Summer Heat: 10 Spicy Romances That Sizzle

  19. The nucleus and electrons of an atom excluding its valence electrons.

  20. {{quote-journal|en|year=1916|author=Gilbert N. Lewis|title=The Atom and The Molecule|journal=Journal of the American Chemical Society|section=38(4) p 768

  21. To enclose within a kernel

  22. To crenellate

  23. kernel (gloss)

  24. The seed, grain or stone of a fruit or nut.

  25. A granule; a small grain, flake, or ball.

  26. The fundamental, superior or essential part.

  27. An organ responsible for production of substances.

  28. A distended organ or growth.

  29. crenel (gloss)

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