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flake englannista suomeksi

  1. lastu, hiutale

  2. kesiä

  3. peittää hiutaleilla

  4. hilseillä

  5. omalaatuinen tyyppi

  1. hiutale

  2. huithapeli

  3. hilseillä

flake englanniksi

  1. A loose filmy mass or a thin chiplike layer of anything

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  3. 1971, (w), "(w)":

  4. And you treated my woman to a flake of your life. And when she came back she was nobody's wife.
  5. A scale of a fish or similar animal

  6. A prehistoric tool chipped out of stone.

  7. A person who is impractical, flighty, unreliable, or inconsistent; especially with maintaining a living.

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  9. A carnation with only two colours in the flower, the petals having large stripes.

  10. A flat turn or tier of rope.

  11. 1634, Nathaniel Boteler, ''Boteler's Dialogues'':

  12. Admiral: What mean you by flakes?
    Captain: They are only those several circles or rounds of the roapes or cables, that are quoiled up round.
  13. 1944, Warren Ashley|Clifford W. Ashley, ''Ashley Book of Knots|The Ashley Book of Knots'', Doubleday, pages 516-517:

  14. A flake is the sailor's term for a turn in an ordinary coil, or for a complete tier in a flat coil, as a French or ''Flemish flake''. The current dictionary form of the word is ''fake'', a word that I have never heard used with this meaning.
    A Flemish flake is a spiral coil of one layer only.
  15. A corrupt arrest, e.g. to extort money for release or merely to fulfil a quota.

  16. 1973, Knapp Commission, ‎New York, ''The Knapp Commission Report on Police Corruption'' (page 83)

  17. When police decided to score gamblers, they would most often flake people with gambling slips, then demand $25 or $50 for not arresting them. Other times, they would simply threaten a flake and demand money.
  18. A wire rack for drying fish.

  19. To break or chip off in a flake.

  20. To prove unreliable or impractical; to abandon or desert, to fail to through.

  21. To store an item such as rope or sail in layers

  22. To hit (another person).

  23. To plant evidence to facilitate a corrupt arrest.

  24. To lay out on a flake for drying.

  25. Dogfish.

  26. The meat of the shark.

  27. 1999, R. Shotton, and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations|Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, ''Case studies of the management of elasmobranch fisheries'', Part 1, page 746,

  28. Larger shark received about 10%/kg less than those in the 4-6 kg range. Most of the Victorian landed product is wholesaled as carcasses on the Melbourne Fish Market where it is sold to fish and chip shops, the retail sector and through restaurants as ‘flake’.
  29. *2002, (w), ''Journey to the Stone Country'', Allen & Unwin 2003, p. 72:

  30. Susan said, ‘Get me a piece of flake and a serve of chips.’
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  32. A paling; a hurdle.

  33. A platform of hurdles, or small sticks made fast or interwoven, supported by stanchions, for drying codfish and other things.

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  35. A small stage hung over a vessel's side, for workmen to stand on while calking, etc.

  36. (alt form)

  37. 1898, Frank T. Bullen, ''The Cruise of the Cachalot: The Story of a New Bedford Whaler''

  38. Flake after flake ran out of the tubs, until we were compelled to hand the end of our line to the second mate to splice his own on to.