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real englannista suomeksi

  1. todella

  2. ehta, oikea, tosi

  3. todellinen

  4. real

  5. kiinteä

  6. aito

  7. reaaliluku

  8. tosi-

  9. reaali-

  1. todellinen, tosi

  2. aito, ehta

  3. aito, kunnon

  4. todellinen, oikea

  5. reaali-

  6. reaalinen / reaali- in reaaliluku, reaalinen

  7. omaisuudesta kiinteä

  8. oikea, todellinen

  9. real

  10. Substantiivi

real englanniksi

  1. True, genuine, not merely nominal or apparent.

  2. (quote-book)

  3. (quote-journal)

  4. Genuine, not artificial, counterfeit, or fake.

  5. (ux)

  6. Genuine, unfeigned, sincere.

  7. (RQ:Milton Paradise Lost)

  8. (quote-journal)"share the things you love with the world" and so on. But the real way to build a successful online business is to be better than your rivals at undermining people's control of their own attention.

  9. Actually being, existing, or occurring; not fictitious or imaginary.

  10. ''a description of real life''

  11. That has objective, physical existence.

  12. Having been adjusted to remove the effects of inflation; measured in purchasing power (qualifier).

  13. Relating to the result of the actions of rational agents; relating to neoclassical economic models as opposed to Keynesian models.

  14. Being either a rational number, or the limit of a convergent infinite sequence of rational numbers: being one of a set of numbers with a one-to-one correspondence to the points on a line.

  15. Relating to immovable tangible property.

  16. (RQ:Bacon Essayes)

  17. Absolute, complete, utter.

  18. (non-gloss definition)

  19. Firm.

  20. (cap); very.

  21. A commodity; ''see'' realty.

  22. One of the three genders that the common gender can be separated into in the Scandinavian languages.

  23. A number.

  24. {{quote-book|en|year=2007|author=Mark Bridges|title=REAL ANALYSIS: A Constructive Approach|publisher=John Wiley & Sons|location=Hoboken, New Jersey|page=11

  25. A realist.

  26. (RQ:Burton Melancholy)

  27. Former unit of currency of Spain and Spain's colonies.

  28. (senseid) A coin worth one real.

  29. A unit of currency used in Portugal and its colonies from 1430 until 1911, and in Brazil from 1790 until 1942.

  30. A coin worth one real.

  31. A unit of currency used in Brazil since 1994. Symbol: (l).

  32. Brazil real Second Obverse.jpg|thumb|300px|upright|200 Brazilian reais banknote (introduced as of 2021)

    do Real até 2010.jpg|thumb|300px|upright|Brazilian real coins (2nd family, as of 2010)

  33. {{quote-journal|en|year=2011|author=Perry Anderson|title=Lula's Brazil|journal=London Review of Books|section=33.VII

  34. (l)

  35. royal

  36. (l) (gl)

  37. (l) (true, genuine)

  38. (l) (that has physical existence)

  39. (noun form of)

  40. (syn)

  41. real (gloss)

  42. (uxi)

  43. real, realistic (gloss)

  44. real-world, practical, particularly concerned with actual things opposed to words or ideas

  45. real (not nominal), measured in purchasing power

  46. (l).

  47. (l), true, factual

  48. concerning possessions

  49. (alternative form of)

  50. actual, (l)

  51. the (l), unit of Brazil (C)

  52. candid

  53. the (l), unit of Brazil

  54. a (l), one of the former units of currency and coins used in Spain, Portugal and their colonies

  55. {{quote-book|nn|year=1887|author=Prosper Mérimée|translator=Sjur|chapter=Røvarliv i Spania|trans-chapter=Letters from Spain|original=Lettres d'Espagne|title=Ungdom: franske forteljingar|trans-title=Youth – French tales|page=34

  56. (short for)

  57. (quote-book)|translation=He began drinking beer in the sixth, wine in the seventh and vodka in the eighth grade (..)

  58. (l); (alternative form of)

  59. {{quote-text|fro|year=c. 1170|author=Chrétien de Troyes|title=s:fr:Érec et Énide

  60. (l) (gl)

  61. reality, life, world (gl)

  62. true, (l)

  63. that has physical existence; (l)

  64. being a member of the set of real numbers; (l)

  65. a number

  66. truth (conformity to fact or reality)

  67. monarchy; royal; regal

  68. having the air or demeanour of a monarch; regal

  69. a former Spanish currency

  70. the current Brazilian currency

  71. a former currency of Portugal and its colonies (the plural later became (l))

  72. (ant)

  73. royal, regal

  74. a quarter of a peseta

  75. objective, (l), pertaining to real and physical objects

  76. (clipping of)

  77. (l) (gloss)

  78. true; (l); genuine

  79. main (q)

  80. royal (q)