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three englannista suomeksi

  1. kolme

  2. kolmonen

  1. kolme

  2. Substantiivi

  3. kolmonen

  4. kolmivuotias; kolmonen colloquial

three englanniksi

  1. (phonetic alphabet)

  2. (syn)

  3. (cln) A numerical value after two and before four. Represented in Arabic digits as 3; this many dots (•••).

  4. (RQ:Grey Riders)

  5. Venters began to count them—one—two—three—four—on up to sixteen.
  6. (quote-av) as Samantha “Sam” and (w)|(w)|2|1||Okay, on three, we open the door and jump on the rope. One, two…Wait, wait! Do we go on three? Or do we go on “go”?Three! Who said anything about “go”?|role=Clover|episode=A Spy is Born Part II|writers=Michelle and Robert Lamoreaux|network=(w)|publisher=(w)|date=Apr 7 2003

  7. (quote-av)||||Why should she care? One…two…Do we shoot on three?Yes on three. Like one, two, three, shoot.|role=Joker thugs|writers=(w); Paul Crocker; (w)|network=(w)|publisher=(w)|date=Oct 18 2011

  8. (n-g)

  9. The digit/figure 3.

  10. Anything measuring three units, as length.

  11. (ux)

  12. A person who is three years old.

  13. The card featuring three pips.

  14. Three o'clock, either a.m. or p.m.

  15. (quote-book)

  16. (abbreviation of)

  17. (alternative spelling of).

  18. (cln) three