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artificial englannista suomeksi

  1. keino-, teko-, teennäinen

  2. epäaito, keinotekoinen

  1. keinotekoinen, teko- in compounds, keino- in compounds

  2. teennäinen

  3. teennäinen, luonnoton

artificial englanniksi

  1. Man-made; made by humans; of artifice.

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  4. (1); fake, forced{{, or feigned.

  5. (rfv-sense) Not natural or normal: imposed arbitrarily or without regard to the specifics or normal circumstances of a person, a situation, etc.

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  10. Conveying some meaning other than the actual contents of one's hand.

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  13. An artificial bid doesn't necessarily show length in the suit being bid, it has an altogether different meaning.
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  15. North makes an artificial call of 3♧, the cheapest suit at the 3 level, to show a very poor hand. What North holds in clubs doesn't matter at all.
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  17. artificial