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nominal englannista suomeksi

  1. nominaali-

  2. nomini

  3. nimi-

  4. symbolinen

  5. nimellinen

  6. nimellis-

  1. nimi-">nimi-

  2. nimellinen

  3. substantiivi-">substantiivi-, substantiivinen

  4. luokitteluasteikollinen

  5. Substantiivi

  6. nomini

nominal englanniksi

  1. Of, resembling, relating to, or consisting of a name or names.

  2. Assigned to or bearing a person's name.

  3. Existing in name only.

  4. (ux)

  5. 1856 February, (w), ''(w)'', republished in 1865, ''The Miscellaneous Writings of Lord Macaulay'', (w), page 300,

  6. At Edinburgh he passed eighteen months in nominal attendance on lectures, and picked up some superficial information about chemistry and natural history.
  7. {{quote-journal|en|date=October 5, 2013|author=Joel Kotkin|title=California’s New Feudalism Benefits a Few at the Expense of the Multitude|work=The Daily Beast|url=

  8. Of or relating to nominalism.

  9. (senseid) Insignificantly small.

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  11. (quote-journal)

  12. Of or relating to the presumed or approximate value, rather than the actual value.

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  14. Of, relating to, or being the amount or face value of a sum of money or a stock certificate, for example, and not the power or value.

  15. Of, relating to, or being the rate of interest or return without adjustment for compounding or inflation.

  16. Of or relating to a noun or word group that functions as a noun.

  17. According to plan or design.

  18. (RQ:Stephenson Snow Crash)

  19. (quote-av)|publisher=(w)|writer=Dustin Browder|actor=(w)|role=Narrator|passage=Reactor online. Sensors online. Weapons online. All systems nominal.

  20. Without adjustment to remove the effects of inflation.

  21. 1991, Richard J. Gilbert, ''Regulatory Choices: A Perspective on Developments in Energy Policy'', page 267,

  22. Comparisons of the costs of the Diablo Canyon plant with other nuclear power plants can be misleading because the available cost data are in nominal dollars and therefore include the toll of inflation over the construction periods.
  23. 2001, Erich A. Helfert, ''Financial Analysis: Tools and Techniques: A Guide for Managers'', page 467,

  24. This simple process allows us to convert nominal dollars into inflation-adjusted real dollars.
  25. Having values whose order is insignificant.

  26. Of a species, the species name without consideration of whether it is a junior synonym or in reality consists of more than one biological species.

  27. (senseid) A noun or word group that functions as part of a phrase.

  28. ''This sentence contains two nominals.''

  29. (senseid) A part of speech that shares features with nouns and adjectives. (Depending on the language, it may comprise nouns, adjectives, possibly numerals, pronouns, and participles.)

  30. (quote-book)

  31. (senseid) A number (usually natural) used like a name; a numeric code or identifier. (See ''(w)'' on Wikipedia.)

  32. ''Numeric codes of characters used in programming are nominals.''

  33. (senseid) A person listed in the (w) database as having been convicted, cautioned or recently arrested.

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  35. nominal

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  37. existing in name only.

  38. insignificantly small.

  39. of or relating to a noun or word group that functions as a noun.