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monarch englannista suomeksi

  1. monarkki

  1. Substantiivi

  2. monarkki

  3. monarkkiperhonen

monarch englanniksi

  1. The ruler of an monarchy or the of state of a monarchy.

  2. 1598, (w), ''Henry V'', Act II, Scene II, line 25.

  3. Never was monarch better fear'd and lov'd / Than is your Majesty.
  4. The butterfly, ''plexippus'', and others of genus ''Danaus'', found primarily in North America, so called because of the designs on its wings.

  5. A officer.

  6. 1961, (w), ''The Fringe Dwellers'', Text Classics 2012, p. 41:

  7. ‘Skippy gets off. An ya know the first thing e says to them monarch? E turns round on em an yelps, “An now ya can just gimme back that bottle.”’
  8. A stag which has sixteen or more points or tines on its antlers.

  9. The chief or best thing of its kind.

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