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actual englannista suomeksi

  1. todellinen

  2. tämänhetkinen, nykyinen

  3. varsinainen

  1. todellinen, tosiasiallinen

  2. todellinen

  3. nykyinen, tämänhetkinen, ajankohtainen

  4. suoranainen

  5. Substantiivi

actual englanniksi

  1. relating to a person's acts or deeds; active, practical (defdate)

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  5. Existing in reality, not just potentially; really acted or acting; occurring in fact. (defdate)

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  9. in action at the time being; now existing; current. (defdate)

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  13. (n-g); exact, specific, very. (defdate)

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  15. an actual, real one; notably:

  16. something actually received; real receipts, as distinct from estimated ones.

  17. a radio callsign modifier that specifies the commanding officer of the unit or asset denoted by the remainder of the callsign and not the officer's assistant or other designee.

  18. ''Bravo Six Actual, this is Charlie One. Come in, over.'' (The radio operator is requesting to speak to the commander of the unit under the call sign "Bravo Six", as opposed to any available member of the unit.)

  19. Reality, usually with the definite article.

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  21. present, current

  22. factual

  23. current, present

  24. factual, real, (l)

  25. actual, real

  26. (l), real, true

  27. active

  28. current

  29. (pt-pre-reform)

  30. present-day

  31. (l)

  32. (l), real

  33. of the current month, year, etc.