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specific englannista suomeksi

  1. lajinomainen

  2. ominainen, ominais-, spesifinen

  3. tietty, tarkoin määrätty

  4. erikoislääke

  5. yksityiskohta

  1. erityinen, tietty

  2. laji / laji-, lajityyppinen

  3. laji / laji-

  4. erityinen

  5. erityinen, erikoinen / erikois-

  6. spesifinen

  7. ominainen / ominais-

  8. Substantiivi

specific englanniksi

  1. explicit or definite

  2. pertaining to a species

  3. 2008, (w), ''The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing'', Oxford 2009, p. 3:

  4. Science and literature, then, are the two achievements of ''Homo sapiens'' that most convincingly justify the specific name.
  5. pertaining to a taxon at the rank of species

  6. special, distinctive or unique

  7. intended for, or applying to, a particular thing

  8. Serving to identify a particular thing (often a disease or condition), with little risk of mistaking something else for it.

  9. ''a highly specific test'', ''specific and nonspecific symptoms''

  10. being a remedy for a particular disease

  11. ''Quinine is a specific medicine in cases of malaria.''

  12. (quote-book)|chapter=Specific Medicines|title=Specimens of the Table Talk of the Late Samuel Taylor Coleridge|volume=I|location=London|publisher=J. Murray|page=147|pageurl=https://books.google.com/books?id=X-k9AAAAYAAJ&pg=PP243|passage=The study of specific medicines is too much disregarded now. No doubt, the hunting after specifics is a mark of ignorance and weakness in medicine, yet the neglect of them is proof also of immaturity ; for, in fact, all medicines will be found specific in the perfection of science.

  13. limited to a particular antibody or antigen

  14. of a value divided by mass (e.g. specific orbital energy)

  15. similarly referring to a value divided by any measure which acts to standardize it (e.g. thrust specific fuel consumption, referring to fuel consumption divided by thrust)

  16. a measure compared with a standard reference value by division, to produce a ratio without unit or dimension (e.g. specific index is a pure number, and is relative to that of air)

  17. A distinguishing attribute or quality.

  18. A remedy for a specific disease or condition.

  19. 1968, (w), ''True Grit'':

  20. I had no unreasonable fear of bats, (..) yet I knew them too for carriers of the dread “Hydrophobia,” for which there was no specific.
  21. Specification

  22. The details; particulars.

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