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intend englannista suomeksi

  1. tarkoittaa

  2. suunnitella

  3. aikoa

  1. Verbi

  2. aikoa

  3. aikoa, pyrkiä

intend englanniksi

  1. To fix the mind upon (something, or something to be accomplished); be intent upon

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  6. To fix the mind on; attend to; care of; superintend; regard.

  7. To stretch to extend; distend.

  8. To strain; make tense.

  9. To intensify; strengthen.

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  11. Dotage, fatuity, or folly(..)is for the most part intended or remitted in particular men, and thereupon some are wiser than others .
  12. To apply with energy.

  13. To bend or turn; direct, as one’s course or journey.

  14. To design mechanically or artistically; fashion; mold.

  15. To pretend; counterfeit; simulate.