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very englannista suomeksi

  1. erittäin, hyvin, kovin, oikein, eri

  2. nimenomaan

  3. juuri, aivan

  4. nimenomainen

  1. todellinen, oikea, koko

  2. sama

  3. jopa

  4. hyvin, todella, erittäin, kovin, tosi

  5. kaikkein

  6. todella

very englanniksi

  1. True, real, actual.

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 4-1) I am the veriest varlet that ever chewed with a tooth.

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  7. (..) they that think to be wiser then other men, are by so much verier fools then others, and so are discerned to be.
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  13. The same; identical.

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  15. With limiting effect: mere.

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  17. {{quote-book|en|year=2004|author=Paul Campos|title=The Obesity Myth: Why America's Obsession with Weight is Hazardous to Your Health|publisher=Penguin|isbn=9781101216590

  18. To a great extent or degree.

  19. (syn)

  20. {{RQ:Belloc Lowndes Lodger|II|0091

  21. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp) They talk of you as if you were Croesus—and I expect the beggars sponge on you unconscionably.” And Vickers launched forth into a tirade very different from his platform utterances. He spoke with extreme contempt of the dense stupidity exhibited on all occasions by the working classes.

  22. Conforming to fact, reality or rule; true.

  23. (ngd)

  24. lost

  25. enslaved

  26. true

  27. very

  28. (alt form)