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several englannista suomeksi

  1. eri

  2. moni, usea

  1. usea

  2. eri

  3. Substantiivi

  4. omaperäismaa archaic

several englanniksi

  1. Separate, distinct; particular. (defdate)

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  8. A number of different; various. (defdate)

  9. (RQ:Shakespeare Tempest)for several virtues Have I lik'd several women; never any With so full soul but some defect in her Did quarrel with the noblest grace she ow'd, And put it to the foil(nb..).

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  13. Separable, capable of being treated separately.

  14. Consisting of a number more than two but not very many. (defdate)

  15. (ux)

  16. 1784, William Jones, ''The Description and Use of a New Portable Orrery, &c.'', preface:

  17. The favourable reception the Orrery has met with from Perſons of the firſt diſtinction, and from Gentlemen and Ladies in general, has induced me to add to it ſeveral new improvements in order to give it a degree of Perfection; and diſtinguiſh it from others ; which by Piracy, or Imitation, may be introduced to the Public.
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  20. By itself; severally.

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  22. An area of land in private ownership (as opposed to common land).

  23. Each particular taken singly; an item; a detail; an individual. (rfex)

  24. An enclosed or separate place; enclosure. (rfex)

  25. A woman's loose outer garment, capable of being worn as a shawl, or in other forms.

  26. separate

  27. one's own property or possession