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secure englannista suomeksi

  1. varma, turvattu

  2. saada haltuunsa

  3. turvallinen, tallessa

  4. lukita, kiinnittää, sulkea

  5. levollisin mielin, levollisin mielin oleva

  6. suojata, varmistaa, turvata

  7. taata

  8. vakaa

  1. turvassa, turvallinen, turva-">turva-

  2. tallessa, turvassa

  3. salattu

  4. peloton, varma

  5. vakaa

  6. varma, luotettava

  7. Verbi

  8. turvata, suojata, varmistaa, kiinnittää

  9. teljetä, sulkea, lukita

  10. taata itselleen">taata itselleen, varmistaa itselleen">varmistaa itselleen

  11. Substantiivi

secure englanniksi

  1. Free from attack or danger; protected.

  2. *{{quote-journal

  3. Free from the danger of theft; safe.

  4. Free from the risk of eavesdropping, interception or discovery; secret.

  5. Free from anxiety or doubt; unafraid.

  6. (RQ:Dryden Aenei)

  7. But thou, secure of soul, unbent with woes.
  8. 1861, Elizabeth Gaskell, ''The Grey Woman''

  9. No sooner were we up there, than the old woman dragged the ladder, by which we had ascended, away with a chuckle, as if she was now secure that we could do no mischief, and sat herself down again once more, to doze and await her master's return.
  10. Firm and not likely to fail; stable.

  11. Free from the risk of financial loss; reliable.

  12. Confident in opinion; not entertaining, or not having reason to entertain, doubt; certain; sure; commonly used with ''of''.

  13. (ux)

  14. (RQ:Milton Paradise Lost)

  15. Overconfident; incautious; careless.

  16. (RQ:Macaulay History of England)

  17. Certain to be achieved or gained; assured.

  18. To make safe; to relieve from apprehensions of, or exposure to, danger; to guard; to protect.

  19. I spread a cloud before the victor's sight, / Sustained the vanquished, and secured his flight.
  20. To put beyond hazard of losing or of not receiving; to make certain; to assure; frequently with ''against'' or ''from'', or formerly with ''of''.

  21. ''to secure a creditor against loss; to secure a debt by a mortgage''

  22. 1831, (w), ''The Philosophy of Religion''

  23. It secures its possessor of eternal happiness.
  24. To make fast; to close or confine effectually; to render incapable of getting loose or escaping.

  25. ''to secure a prisoner; to secure a door, or the hatches of a ship''

  26. To get possession of; to make oneself secure of; to acquire certainly.

  27. ''to secure an estate''

  28. 2014, Jamie Jackson, "Ángel di María says Manchester United were the ‘only club’ after Real", ''The Guardian'', 26 August 2014:

  29. With the Argentinian secured United will step up their attempt to sign a midfielder and, possibly, a defender in the closing days of the transfer window. Juventus’s Arturo Vidal, Milan’s Nigel de Jong and Ajax’s Daley Blind, who is also a left-sided defensive player, are potential targets.
  30. (quote-journal)

  31. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp) interrupted the sermon, he altogether captivated his audience with a remark about cough lozenges being cheap and easily procurable.

  32. To plight or pledge.

  33. (adj form of)

  34. (inflection of)

  35. carelessly

  36. fearlessly

  37. quietly

  38. axe, hatchet

  39. axe, halberd