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tract englannista suomeksi

  1. juoste

  2. alue

  3. elimet, elimistö

  4. traktaatti

  1. alue, ala

  2. kanava as in ruoansulatuskanava, selkäydinkanava; tie as in virtsatie, juoste

  3. kirjanen

  4. traktaatti academic; essee, kirjoitus

  5. näkökulma

  6. Substantiivi

tract englanniksi

  1. An area or expanse.

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:Milton PL)

  4. (RQ:Addison Ital)

  5. a very high mountain joined to the mainland by a narrow tract of earth
  6. (RQ:Fuller Worthie)

  7. small tracks of ground
  8. A series of connected body organs, as in the tract.

  9. A small booklet such as a pamphlet, often for promotional or informational uses.

  10. A brief treatise or discourse on a subject.

  11. (RQ:Swift The Presbyterians Plea of Meri)

  12. The church clergy at that writ the best collection of tracts against popery that ever appeared.
  13. A commentator's view or perspective on a subject.

  14. Continued or protracted duration, length, extent

  15. 1843, (w), ''and Present (book)|Past and Present'', book 2, ch. XIV, '':Henry d'Essex|Henry of Essex''

  16. Nay, in another case of litigation, the unjust Standard bearer, for his own profit, asserting that the cause belonged not to St. Edmund’s Court, but to ''his'' in (hundred)|Lailand Hundred, involved us in travellings and innumerable expenses, vexing the servants of St. Edmund for a long tract of time (..)
  17. Part of the proper of the liturgical celebration of the Eucharist for many Christian denominations, used instead of the alleluia during Lenten or pre-Lenten seasons, in a Requiem Mass, and on a few other penitential occasions.

  18. Continuity or extension of anything.

  19. (rfquotek)

  20. Traits; features; lineaments.

  21. (RQ:Bacon Of Simulation and Dissimulatio)

  22. The discovery of a man's self by the tracts of his countenance is a great weakness.
  23. The footprint of a wild animal.

  24. (RQ:Dryden Meta)

  25. The Prophet Telemus (..)mark'd the Tracts of every Bird that flew
  26. Track; trace.

  27. (RQ:Browne Pseudodoxia Epidemica)

  28. c. 1605–1608, (w), ''Timon of Athens''

  29. But flies an eagle flight, bold, and forth on, / Leaving no tract behind.
  30. Treatment; exposition.

  31. 1613, (w), ''(w)'', Act I, Scene I

  32. The tract of every thing Would, by a good discourser, lose some life Which action's self was tongue to.
  33. To pursue, follow; to track.

  34. 1590, (w), ''(w)'', II.i:

  35. Where may that treachour then (said he) be found, / Or by what meanes may I his footing tract?
  36. To draw out; to protract.

  37. flyer, circular, pamphlet