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ala englannista suomeksi

  1. siipi

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

ala englanniksi

  1. sphere

  2. field

  3. areola

  4. line

  5. game

  6. metier

  7. area, orbit

  8. bailiwick, subject area

  9. preserve

  10. confines

  11. realm

  12. department

  13. vocation

  1. A wing or winglike anatomic process or part, especially of bone.

  2. The flattened border of some stems, fruits, and seeds, or one of the two side petals of certain flowers in the pea family.

  3. In ancient Rome, a small room opening into a larger room or courtyard.

  4. (alternative form of).

  5. (quote-web)

  6. (quote-web)||(..) interactive plasma screens with flashing digits and what not, ala “Minority Report,” (..)

  7. (quote-web)||(..) we might be getting to the point where Palin is a bona fide liability—ala Pelosi—for the GOP.

  8. (quote-web)||(..) the NYSE didn't implode ala Merrill (..)

  9. animal

  10. female camel

  11. wing

  12. fin

  13. (syn)

  14. variegated (c)

  15. blue (q)

  16. (uxi)

  17. vitiligo (gl) (C)

  18. iroko ((taxlink), syn. (taxlink)(Cite book)(Cite book))

  19. or (exclusive)

  20. wing (gloss)

  21. to be born

  22. area, territory, region

  23. field

  24. branch

  25. (q) to birth to

  26. to foster

  27. to nourish

  28. to breed

  29. area, field, domain (gloss)

  30. field, discipline

  31. industry, sector, branch (gloss)

  32. area

  33. (fi-form of)

  34. way, path, road

  35. grandfather

  36. to bear, birth to

  37. to foster

  38. to feed, nourish

  39. (inflection of)

  40. earth, land, soil, ground.

  41. (l), in the style or manner of.

  42. (l), (l).

  43. (l) (l) with the owner or descendants still have the main rights in that land.

  44. (l).

  45. (n-g)

  46. (syn) (qualifier)

  47. snake

  48. at or to the (q)

  49. A wing.

  50. The upper and under part of the arm, where it unites with the shoulder; the armpit.

  51. The hollow where the foreleg is joined to the shoulder; the blade.

  52. The hollow where a limb joins the trunk of a tree.

  53. The wings off the main room, the side apartments on the right and left of the court, the side halls or porches, waiting areas, the collonades.

  54. The wing of an army, cavalry force (q).

  55. cave (gloss)

  56. burrow, hole, lair, den (gloss)

  57. forest

  58. without; freed from; removed from

  59. like

  60. to

  61. on

  62. sail

  63. mistake

  64. flag (q)

  65. to refuse

  66. over

  67. on, top

  68. on, onto, top of

  69. (infl of)

  70. awl

  71. to produce

  72. to testify

  73. c. 1200, Almeric, ''(w)'', f. 67v. a.

  74. la ṕmera ſemeiaua leon e auie alas de aguila ueye q́ meſauan ſus alas e cayen atierra e ſobre ſos piedes como oḿe se leuátaua
    : The first was like a lion, and it had the wings of an eagle. I saw its wings torn off and fall to the ground so that it stood on its feet like a man.
  75. to the, toward the

  76. c1200, Almeric, ''de Ultramar|Fazienda de Ultramar'', f. 2v. b.

  77. Loth ouo miedo de ſeer en segor esubio alas mótánas có sus. ij. fijas. estido é una cueua có sus. ij. fijas. edixo la maior ala menor. nŕo padre es uyeio eno nos podremos caſar. com es derecho.
    : Loth was afriad to stay in Zoar, so he moved to the mountains with his two daughters. There he lived in a cave with his two daughters; then older daughter said to the younger: "Our father is old, and here we cannot marry as is the custom."
  78. in the, at the

  79. c1200, Almeric, ''de Ultramar|Fazienda de Ultramar'', f. 2v. a.

  80. eſtos angeles có q́ fablo abraã. vinieron a ſodoma e loth ſedia ala puerta de la cibdat. e violos & leuátos cótra ellõ.
    : These angels to whom Abraham spoke came to Sodom, and Lot was sitting in the gateway of the city. And he saw them and got up to meet them.
  81. (l) (gloss)

  82. a (l) among a larger group of people or things

  83. a subdivision of a (l) consisting of similarly themed participants

  84. a (l) unit

  85. a (l) or (l) of soldiers

  86. each player’s half of the (l)

  87. (l); (l) (gloss)

  88. (pt-verb-form-of)

  89. path, way, lane, track

  90. wing

  91. mouldboard

  92. expression of awe, surprise, dismay, etc.

  93. dragon

  94. type of mythical creature similar to dragon

  95. wing (q)

  96. brim (q)

  97. flank (q)

  98. wing (q)

  99. winger

  100. (alt sp)

  101. everything

  102. tool, instrument

  103. sheath, scabbard

  104. multicolored, pied, variegated

  105. (clipping of)

  106. do not

  107. Harness strap; the strap pulled through the shaft and wherein the harness peg is inserted.Rietz|Rietz, Johan Ernst, “ ''Ala''”, in ''Svenskt dialektlexikon: ordbok öfver svenska allmogespråket'' ''Swedish dialectal lexicon: a dictionary for the Swedish lects'' (in Swedish), 1962 edition, Lund: C. W. K. Gleerups Förlag, published 1862–1867, page 6

  108. drink

  109. to deny, refuse, decline

  110. to forbid

  111. to reject

  112. to refuse give (+preo)

  113. to hate, detest