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proper englannista suomeksi

  1. asianmukainen

  2. asianomainen, itse, varsinainen

  3. kelpo, sovelias, kunnollinen, oikea

  4. kunnon

  1. oikea, kunnon

  2. kunnollinen, kelpo, kunnon

  3. varsinainen

  4. erisnimi proper noun

  5. oikea

  6. kelpo

  7. oikea, varsinainen

  8. luonnonvärinen

  9. Substantiivi

proper englanniksi

  1. ''Suitable.''

  2. Suited or acceptable to the purpose or circumstances; fit, suitable. (defdate)

  3. (ux)

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  6. Following the established standards of behavior or manners; correct or decorous. (defdate)

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  8. This new-comer was a man who in any company would have seemed striking.(..)Indeed, all his features were in large mold, like the man himself, as though he had come from a day when skin garments made the proper garb of men.
  9. ''Possessed, related.''

  10. Used to designate a particular person, place, or thing. noun|Proper nouns are usually written with an initial capital letter. (defdate)

  11. Pertaining exclusively to a specific thing or person; particular. (defdate)

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  13. They have a proper saint almost for every peculiar infirmity: for poison, gouts, agues(nb..).
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  15. those higher and peculiar attributes(..)which constitute our proper humanity
  16. In the strict sense; within the strict definition or core (of a specified place, taxonomic order, idea, etc).

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  18. These are divided into two great families, the vipers proper (Viperidae) and the pit-vipers (Crotalidae).
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  20. Siberia, though it stands outside the territorial confines of Russia proper, constitutes an essentially component part (..). Outer Mongolia, called to distinguish it from Inner Mongolia, which lies nearer to China proper, revolted and declared its independence.
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  22. Hence, this border is still blurred, raising the question whether traumatic life events induce sadness/distress – which is self-evident – or depression proper and, secondly, whether sadness/distress is a precursor or pacemaker of depression.
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  24. Belonging to oneself or itself; own. (defdate)

  25. (usex)

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  28. Now learn the difference, at your proper cost, / Betwixt true valour and an empty boast.
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  30. every country, and more than that, every private place, hath his proper remedies growing in it, particular almost to the domineering and most frequent maladies of it.
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  32. Each animal has its proper pleasure, and the proper pleasure of man is connected with reason.
  33. Portrayed in natural or usual coloration, as opposed to conventional tinctures. (defdate)

  34. Being strictly part of some other thing (not necessarily explicitly mentioned, but of definitional importance), and not being the thing itself. (defdate)

  35. Eigen-; designating a function or value which is an eigenfunction or eigenvalue. (defdate)

  36. ''Accurate, strictly applied.''

  37. Excellent, of high quality; such as the specific person or thing should ideally be. (Now often merged with later senses.) (defdate)

  38. Attractive, elegant. (defdate)

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  40. The same tyme was Moses borne, and was a propper (transterm) childe in the sight of God, which was norisshed up in his fathers housse thre monethes.
  41. In the very strictest sense of the word. (defdate)

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  43. Utter, complete. (defdate)

  44. properly; thoroughly; completely.

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  47. Don't you think you must have looked proper daft?
  48. properly.

  49. 2012, (w), ''Hello'' (song)

  50. When I meet a bad chick, know I gotta tell her hello
    talk real proper, but she straight up out the ghetto
  51. Something set apart for a special use.

  52. near, close

  53. (syn)

  54. neighbouring

  55. next

  56. cleanly

  57. tidy

  58. clean

  59. in good condition: clean; neat; well-kept; developed

  60. overweight; chubby

  61. (alternative form of)

  62. Or a mai entendez Ki proper volunté amez, Set Pechez 70